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January 4, 2018

Family Activity: Undesirable Elements Generation NYZ

Before and after you see Undesirable Elements: Generation NYZ, take our "What Kind of New Yorker are You?" quiz, write your own monologue and discuss the show with your family. For each show in the season, we post a new Family Activity, so keep an eye out here on our blog for more activities, designed just for you!
Before You See the Show

What Kind of New Yorker Are You?

Take this quiz to see what kind of New Yorker you are.

Kids and Parents of New York

Undesirable Elements: Generation NYZ is about coming of age in New York City. In this activity, have a conversation with your family about what you think "becoming an adult" means.

Materials: A pen or pencil and a sheet of paper for each person

Step One: Take a moment to individually answer each prompt on separate sheets of paper:
  • What does it mean to be an adult?
  • When do you know you are an adult?
  • List three qualities that an adult must have.
Step Two: Once you've taken some time to write down your answers, compare and contrast your responses. Have a conversations about the similarities, differences and if there were any surprises. 


From East New York to West Harlem and from the South Bronx to Far Rockaway, witness the jubilant victories, recent discord and distant dreams of coming of age in Undesirable Elements: Generation NYZ
Posted by Beth Henderson
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