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Our 2014–15 season here at The New Victory has come to a close, and internally we're working hard on getting everything ready for next season, starting with Victory Dance in just a few weeks. At the same time, New York City's school kids will soon be starting their summer vacations. While we wish them all the fun and exploration that a summer of freedom can bring, we hope they remember some of the fun times they had here with us!

This season, 33,377 school kids from 166 schools came to The New Victory for 87 performances. They asked artists 435 burning questions at post-show Talk-Backs and explored each show's themes and art forms in 1,170 pre- and post-show workshops. But most of all, they had a blast—countless laughs, innumerable smiles.

Our New Victory Education Department has compiled some feedback from students, teachers, and teaching artists into a collection we're calling "Moments of Love". As we close out the season and prepare for what's to come, let's look back at the impact we've had over the last year.

QUOTES FROM THE STUDENTS: "I discovered when you take two different things like music or dance from two different places and put them together they can be really beautiful." "How much are tickets? I want to come back, like, 8 or 9 more times!" "That was the best show in history!" "Oh wow! What did I even just see!?" "This was the best day ever!" "When are we coming back?" "That was nuts! That was the best show I've ever seen in my life!"

QUOTES FROM THE TEACHERS: "By working with the New Vic, I learned how to be creative, flexible, and transformative in my approach to teaching children." "Our school is having a talent show this year and you and your Teaching Artists help bring our students out of the their shells." "Most of my students have never been to a live theatrical performance, so the experience of attending a show at The New Victory was a first." "My students loved MINIMON! They thought it was hilarious and 'magical.' They still talk about it today." "We homeschooler have loved you since the beginning! Thank you for everything." "My students learned from seeing CIRQUE ZIVA that if they dedicate themselves to something they love they can become an expert at it." "That is one of our least focused students, and I couldn't believe how this lesson spoke to him. I just learned that he is really rhythmic!" "The New Victory makes me feel like family." "I have never seen my class engaged like this. Not once." "I cry tears of joy at almost every New Vic show. Sharing live performance with kids is that powerful." "My students couldn't believe that these performers came from the same country as them. I think it excited them to feel a connection with the production."

QUOTES FROM THE TEACHING ARTISTS: "One teacher told us that some kids, who don't normally engage, engaged in our workshop." "Students who were mostly non-verbal began to sparkle and glow as they created their costumes." "Before the end of the workshop, a kid grabbed my leg and said, 'I don't want you to go!' I didn't want to either." "Watching the parents dance to the beat of 'Rapper's Delight' while their kids created their raps was amazing! Many of the parents wrote and performed as well. So much love, family-style." "I love everything about Lexington School for the Deaf, including the security guard who stopped by the workshop and did the moonwalk."

The numbers of students, workshops and performances can be overwhelming, and sometimes it's hard to put them in perspective. But these words—these moments of love—make it all clear. I think this is the best way to measure a year, don't you?

Last weekend, New Victory audiences explored a world of paper in Paper Planet. Alongside artists from Melbourne's Polyglot Theatre, kids and their adults crafted all kinds of crumply creatures and other creations with nothing but paper and tape.

We encourage all the families who visit Paper Planet to document their experiences and share them with us. Check out some of the great photos and videos that we've received—this is just a glimpse of the magic at play in Paper Planet.
Tweet from Laura Colby Instagram post from @seedlingsgroup
Laura Colby (@LCbklyn) tweeted this photo of an inctricately crafted Lady Liberty welcoming our huddled masses of kids and families to Paper Planet. So amazing! Meanwhile, the folks at @seedlingsgroup shared this photo on Instagram, depicting the "interactive magical forest" of cardboard trees that provide the setting for the show.
Tweet from My Strange Family Instagram from My Strange Family
Kristin Strange of My Strange Family shared her family's "magical afternoon" on Twitter, Vine and Instagram! Something tells me they had a great time.

Photo from The Culture Mom blog post
Documenting her #mommyandme adventures with daughter Isis Rose, @xomandycakes shared this scrapbook-style video on Instagram. It's raining paper (and unlicensed Disney characters)! And over at The Culture Mom, guest blogger Liat Ginsberg included this photo capturing kids and performers all over the paper forest. Can you see the little paper campfire?
Perez Hilton and son J.R., via Instagram.
The award for most prolific contributor definitely goes to blogger Perez Hilton, who brought his son, J.R., to Paper Planet on Sunday and shared these moments across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Little J.R. had a great time, and he seemed particularly interested in roasting paper carrots with the Polyglot performer dressed as a rabbit. "My son now thinks he's a rabbit!" dad quipped. "#DonnieDarko realness!"

Tweet from Polyglot Theatre Tweet from Polyglot Theatre
Rabbits seem to be a theme. After the creative chaos settled, the artists of Polyglot Theatre were able to capture some "lush and spectacular" views of the space on camera, both featuring bunnies of one size or another. And in one tweet, they quoted 4-year-old Layla, who was overheard gushing: "That was MAGICAL!"


You can contribute, too! Come experience Paper Planet this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and share your photos and videos with us using #PaperPlanet and #NoPapercuts. And beforehand, don't forget to check out our Family Activity and recent blog post for papercrafting and papermaking projects your family can enjoy at home.
Posted by Zack Ramadan
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