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The performers of Machine de Cirque are building a contraption to communicate with the outside world, but their wacky stunts and daring tricks distract them from the task. Get your tickets to see this quirky crew of daredevils here!

In this Family Activity, you and your family will build a simple machine before the show, practice some contact juggling on your way and deepen your understanding through a post-show game and discussion. 

At Home
Machine de Cirque combines circus and technology. The five performers work together to make a machine that works, while adding in a good amount of fun. In this activity, create your very own machine.

Materials: Six or seven popsicle sticks (depending on size), seven rubber bands, one spoon, one small item

Step One: Gather your materials. Then, bundle four to five popsicle sticks together with a rubber band on either end.

Step Two: Use a rubber band to tie two more popsicle sticks together on one end only. You should be able to separate them on the opposite end. Place your bundle of four or five inbetween the two popsicle sticks.

Step Three: Secure these two pieces together with two rubber bands crisscrossed in the center.

Step Four: Attach a spoon to the top popsicle stick, above the center crisscross rubber band. Attach the spoon with two more rubber bands. 

Step Five: You now have a catapult! Place an object into the spoon, press down and RELEASE.

Step Six: What are some other items you can catapult? Try a marshmallow, a tiny rolled up paper ball, a bean or anything small enough to fit into the spoon.

Bonus: Challenge your family!
  • Can someone catch the small catapulted item?
  • Can you aim your object into a bucket, cup or trash can?
  • Can you play a game of catapult catch with a partner and their own machine?

On Your Way
The folks of Machine de Cirque are also skilled jugglers. One form of juggling that they practice is contact juggling, or manipulating an object while it's in contact with their bodies. In this activity, explore ways you can practice the skill of contact juggling on your way to the theater!

Materials: A paper rolled up into a ball that fits into the palm of your hand

Step One: Make your paper ball.

Step Two: Place your paper ball between your hands, with your palms facing down. Then, try to catch the paper ball as you flip your hands (your palms should now face up). See how many times you can do this in a row. Ask your family and friends to give it a try.

Step Three: How can you level this up? Toss it to your feet? Try it with one hand? We tried tossing the ball from our elbow and catching it.

BONUS: You will see the performers of Machine de Cirque do contact juggling with hats. Are you wearing a hat today? Try it out!
Hat Juggling

After the Show
Once you've seen Machine de Cirque, answer these questions and try this activity inspired by the show:
  • Machine de Cirque centers around technology. If you made a circus, what acts would you include?
  • Which chores would you like to be easier? What kind of machine would you make to help with these tasks?
  • What would you do if all technology and machines disappeared? Think of  how you get ready in the morning and how you travel to work or school. How would your routine change?
The performers of Machine de Cirque create games and challenges with anything they can find. In this activity, create your very own game with things you can find in your home. 

Materials: Small objects that can act as game pieces, one piece of paper, something to write with

Step One: Create your board, making sure there is a start and an end. Create different shapes for games spaces that create a path from the start to the finish.

Step Two: Each player selects a small item to use as their game piece.

Step Three: Brainstorm challenges you can write in each board game space. Here is a list of some of our favorites, but don’t forget to create your own.
  • Contact juggle a cookie with your face!
  • Blow a cup to the finish line.
  • Stack pennies on your elbow to make the tallest tower!
  • Draw off—who can draw the machine from Machine de Cirque first?
HINT: Think of challenges where someone has to finish first.

The person who successfully completes the mini challenge moves forward. The first person to get to the end wins the game. 

And Beyond
Here are some ways to continue your Machine De Cirque journey out in the world.
Machine de Cirque Thumb Making mayhem of their scrap metal set with a live percussive soundscape, this quirky crew of daredevils sure knows how to manufacture endless comedic madness. Get your tickets to Machine de Cirque today!
Posted by Beth Henderson

The New Victory Theater launched the New Victory Usher Corps the day the theater opened in 1995 to provide paid employment, job training, academic support, mentorship and an introduction to the performing arts for over 50 young New Yorkers each year. Since then, the program has provided over 400,000 hours of paid employment to over 500 NYC teens from across the city. Find out how teens ages 16-21 in your life can apply to be a part of this award-winning program here!

All season long, we'll be featuring young people from the Usher Corps in our New Vic Bills and here on the New Victory blog. Today we're talking to third-year usher Shanice Rodriguez from the Bronx.
Shanice RodriguezWhat’s been your favorite show at the New Vic so far?
Mother Africa was my favorite show because it was entertaining from from start to finish. My eyes were glued to the stage the whole time! The best part was when a girl juggled a barrel in the air with her feet. 
The show I’m most excited for this season is...
Machine De Cirque! Based on the trailer, it looks so fun and I know a lot of kids will enjoy it. Performers doing flips back and forth on a teeter-board? You don’t see that everyday.
The thing I like most about being an usher is…
I always feel great when theatergoers acknowledge me by name. It's awesome when I get to see a familiar and friendly face.
My dream job would be…
Exploring the world, trying different foods. I'm a food junkie and I love to travel—combine the two and that's my dream job!
My love of theater started...
When I went to see Hamilton with the Usher Corps. I had never been to a Broadway theater before, so seeing that show was a blessing. It completely changed my perspective. 
Who inspires you?
My mom inspires me because she never stops her hustle. Regardless of her financial situation, she always makes things happen for her kids. She wants and expects nothing but the best from us. 
What was your favorite story as a kid?
Junie B. Jones was my favorite book as a kid because I loved her spunk and charisma. She was someone that marched to the beat of her own drum—I wanted to be just like her.
What was your favorite subject in school?
English was my favorite subject because it allowed me to express myself on a piece of paper. I loved writing essays, doing research and being able to express my own opinion. My teacher, Ms. Little, was also a big factor in my love for English. She was strict and liked things a certain way but she cared a lot about her students. 
What’s your favorite hangout in New York City?
Times Square is so beautiful at night. The lights, the smells, the food and the people are all wonderful.
Describe the most challenging thing about being an usher.
The most challenging thing about being an usher is doing a bunch of things at once. It's not easy seating people, handing them boosters, making sure they're not eating inside the theater and answering questions all at once. Once the show starts, I'm out of breath!
Describe your dream vacation.
Going to Greece or Italy. I'd want to stay in a huge, beautiful mansion with the view of the ocean, where I could swim in the crystal clear water. 
What is your favorite childhood memory?
Every Sunday, I'd go to the baseball park and spend time with my cousins. Then I'd go out to eat with everyone right after.

New Victory Thumb Want to learn more about The New Victory Theater Usher Program? Take a look here!

Photo: Alexis Buatti-Ramos
Posted by Beth Henderson
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