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Though they first met at the National Centre for Circus Arts, the friendship between the creators of Barely Methodical Troupe's Bromance has taken them far beyond the bounds of academia. 

Louis and Charlie first laid eyes on each other during school auditions in 2010. Charlie reminisces, "I still remember Louis' solo piece about the evolution of man—surprisingly conceptual, I thought, for a big guy that does parkour for a circus audition."


Charlie Wheeller Charlie Wheeller in the Cyr wheel Photo: Chris Nash
After they were both accepted, Beren joined the team. As soon as Charlie saw him fly, he realized that Beren was a "magical dude." Charlie immediately wanted to train with him. He comments, "There's a great saying, 'Never be the best in the room.' I still always enjoy being onstage with Beren to simply witness the magic."

Beren has equally glowing things to say about "Chiseled Charlie" or "that fresh-faced Justin Beiber lookalike." He loves his energy and "knew from the get-go that deep down we're nearly the same person."

During the journey to his first day of school at the National Centre for Circus Arts, Beren sat directly in front of Louis on the ferry. So, his first impression was, "...why is this huge man following me?" He says, "The rest was history and I'm all the better for meeting him."

When they first began working together, it seemed like an odd pairing. Louis elaborates, "Beren came from a martial arts and tricking background, Charlie from breakdancing and I came from parkour and it was this combination of influences that initially informed our movement style, and still does to this day." 

Beren agrees that that this variety of style helped to fuse their trio, "Myself, Charlie and Louis instantly stuck together because we were different from our classmates, who came from the circus and gymnastics worlds. Not knowing any of the circus jargon, we just threw ourselves around relentlessly until we had some snazzy moves under our belts."

There's a fourth member of the troupe who quickly stepped into Bromance when a shoulder injury sidelined Louis—Arthur Parsons. Dubbed "Endearing Arthur," by Beren, who attributes Arhtur's charm to his infectious positivity. "People gravitate towards him like he has a magnetic force. Everyone wants a dose of that gentlemanly charm."


Beren D'Amico and Louis Gift Beren D'Amico balancing on Louis Gift during a hand-to-hand routine Photo: Chris Nash

Though not an original creator, Arthur switches out with Louis for certain performances and has become a central figure to the group. He says, "When I first met the Barely Methodical crew, they immediately seemed like they were old friends I just hadn't met yet. I turned out to be right!"

"There's a moment in the show that perfectly captures the idea of what a 'bromance' means to me. Beren and I look into each other's eyes as he's walking towards me. I'm filled with a feeling of love and warmth—in that moment, I know we're connected and looking out for each other."

Bromance initially started as a brief 30-minute piece, but producer Di Robson brought the "sensei of a director" Eddie Kay in to extend it into a full-length show. "Once we met him, we knew we were in for a fun ride. Eddie's humor was a complete joy and it became clear that comedy needed to become a strong foundation for Bromance to sit on," says Charlie.

Although Beren, Louis and Charlie lead exceptionally unique lives, Bromance has a story that makes it both incredibly personal, yet ultimately universal. Louis explains, "A lot of the situations in Bromance are drawn from our history as friends. However, they're situations that everyone has experienced at least once in their life."

The only question that remains is, "What's next for Barely Methodical Troupe?" Always excited to stretch the limits, Louis shares, "The feeling to stay fresh is less pressure and more ambition. One of the main reasons we do this is because we love pushing our skills and learning new things. We want to stay fresh for ourselves just as much as for our audiences!"

Consider this audience member rapt with excitement to see what new trick is up their sleeves. In the meantime, check out Bromance at The New Victory Theater, spinning on our stage until February 25! 
Bromance Thumb In Bromance, the astonishing talent of these three mates from London will make a hopeless bromantic out of you. Get your tickets today!

Posted by Beth Henderson

Wrapping up our celebration of the New Vic's new, vibrant lobby spaces, we sat down with our Executive Vice President, Lisa Post. She shares with us the past, present and future of our lobby spaces!
Lisa Post
The mission of The New 42nd Street is to make "extraordinary performing arts and cultural engagement part of everyone's life" through our work at The New Victory Theater, The Duke on 42nd Street theater, The New 42nd Street Studios and through our partnership with New York City and New York State in the transformation of this historic bxlock. At the New Victory we are certainly fulfilling the "extraordinary performing arts" part of the mission, having now brought amazing shows and incredible artists from around the world to The New Victory stage for more than two decades.  As for the "cultural engagement" part—at least in terms of the public—our engagement has been limited to family workshops and the modest activities we could manage in lobbies designed twenty-two years ago.

Ever wonder why our lobbies are below ground? When we first opened The New Victory Theater, we had to create a lobby space that wasn't there before! In the original structure built by Oscar Hammerstein I, the seats went nearly to the street so we shortened the orchestra depth to create a street level lobby and box office, and dug down below to create more space. At the time of the 1995 renovation, the idea of a theater for families and kids on 42nd Street was untested, so a decision was made to keep this space generic and not tailored for any age. For so long, our lobbies have been bland, uninformed and disconnected from the spirit and vibrancy of the work presented on stage. 

Ribbon Cutting

So, in 2015, when we decided that a renovation was in order, we also decided that remodeling couldn't just be about carpets and paint and water-saving bathroom fixtures. Renovating the New Victory lobbies had to, for us, be a reinvention, something that would extend and a deepen our mission now that the New Vic has been established as an essential part of New York City's cultural fabric. We wanted the new lobbies to not just house our patrons, but to delight and excite them. These spaces couldn't just be serviceable, they had to sing like the artists on the stage. So, while we did install those water-saving fixtures, we also worked with our architects and consultants to create an environment that encourages families to engage with the work on the New Victory stage. (In case you missed it, read Lindsey's blog about the thought behind our arts engagement activities!)

New Lobby

We're so glad to see the lobby working the way we hoped it would. As with any planning process, especially over a two-year period, we had some anxiety that all the decisions we made were in an echo chamber. The looming question was...will this work? has! It's been such a joy to see kids and families use the space in the way we hoped, eating and relaxing in our space and generally having a great time. 

LuEsther's Lobby and Jack & Lew's Lobby are spaces where families can joyfully interact with each other—play together, eat together and talk to each other—but also meet other families, too. Our goal has been to make every part of coming to see a show at The New Victory an opportunity to engage and participate in both creativity and community—to make The New Victory feel like every family's cultural home. Here's looking to the future and all that is possible!

Bromance Thumb In Bromance, the astonishing talent of these three mates from London will make a hopeless bromantic out of you. Get your tickets today!

Posted by Beth Henderson
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