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At the New Vic, we help parents introduce the performing arts to kids of all ages and build anticipation for the shows with specially-designed Family Activities. To get ready for Elephant & Piggie's We Are in a Play, David, a New Vic Teaching Artist, worked with his daughter Emma (age 6) on the Family Activity! Check out their experience below. 

1. Tell us about what happened when you did the activity.
Emma Reading
Emma and I read over the activity, and I asked her to take a look at all the storybooks in the living room. She chose one that used to be her favorite before nap time when she was younger, Angelina's Birthday, one of the Angelina Ballerina books. These books inspired her to take ballet classes when she was 2. She has been a ballerina ever since–for over 4 years now! 

From the book, she picked out a moment that I would  never have guessed. In this moment, Angelina's friend Flora gives her a book about dancing, and in the image you see that there is a dessert picnic set up with other presents around. 

She decided on her costume and figured out the set and props first. She was the designer and I was the assistant. She kept using the picture from the book for reference, and we would brainstorm the things that could represent what was depicted in the book. As a parent, I appreciated that she didn't get too hung up on the details. 

For the script, rather than sitting and writing it all out ahead of time, we just played and tried the scene to see what we would say to each other. We started with that and then I asked her how we might say the same thing with less words, and from that we found the lines we liked. We wrote them down to remember, and then we played the scene out!

2. What did you learn about each other when doing the activity? What surprised you while doing the activity? 

Emma and her set.I was happily surprised that she chose a simple moment of kindness between friends over something more dramatic, like a scene where she would get to be funny or speak a lot. I also enjoyed seeing how invested she was in the details of the props and set.

She really wanted to talk about what went into the decisions she made, because before we started, we watched those behind the scenes videos about how Elephant & Piggie’s We Are in a Play was adapted and staged. After we did our scene, I used the camera on my phone, and had her sit in a chair in the middle of the set, and asked her questions about her process, as if it was a New Vic show. She loved that! She started speaking like a grown up, as if she did these sorts of interviews all the time. She would repeat the questions back and make a point of graciously thanking and complimenting her collaborator (me). That cracked me up. It was like she was this tiny professional, trying to promote her work. 

3. Why is it important to introduce your kids to the arts? What is your favorite part about bringing your kids to a show?


Emma and the Cast
Emma meets the cast of Elephant & Piggie's We Are in a Play.
Kids tend to spend a lot of time consuming the arts, whether they think of them as art, or whether they just think of them as the books, albums or shows they want to enjoy over and over again. An activity like this gives them the power to take control of something they love. To see something they might know, like Mo Willems' books, adapted into a live show is a great way to help them understand that there are people and choices behind all the things they love. All of those things they love to read, to listen to, or to watch, started with an artist, or a group of collaborators, trying to figure out the work step-by-step. Seeing live theater especially introduces that idea, because you are watching people work together to make something right in front of you. When you see grown-ups who are not in your family, and not your teachers, and not on a TV screen, show up and perform for you, it really makes a difference. 

Connecting with a story that is being created by real people, in a space you are sharing in real time, creates a level of connection, and empathy, that goes beyond other artistic mediums. There is something about watching people perform, while you share the air with them that is powerful, and can be a kind of arts education! All arts education is empathy education. 

Living in New York City, and having The New Victory Theater (or "Daddy's Theater", as she calls it) in our lives makes us feel very lucky. We have been seeing things there together since before she was 2. She looks at the season brochure, to see what shows are ahead, like she owns the place. It is one of my favorite things we do together.  
Check out Emma's Scene!

We want to thank Emma (producer/writer/director/lead actor) and David (camera operator) for taking part in one of the three Elephant & Piggie Family Activities. Want to see more show related activities? Try out all three before coming to see the show here!

New Victory Thumb Check out the Family Activity for Elephant & Piggie's We Are in a Play and make your own scene!

Posted by Beth Henderson

Play with juggling, create a splatter paint masterpiece and experiment with gravity in this Family Activity!  For each show in the season, we post a new Family Activity. You can find all of our past Family Activities on our blog and at

Learn Juggling

Water on Mars is full of experimental juggling with everyday objects–like water bottles and rolls of toilet paper! We visited New Victory Teaching Artist and professional clown, Billy Schultz, in his home so he could teach us juggling with everyday objects.


Splatter Time

The jugglers of Water on Mars are some of the best in the world. Not only do they have some of the best technical juggling skills; they're also known for their artistic visuals and risk-taking. In this activity, make a piece of art inspired by the design of the show!

The Cast of Water on Mars
Materials: Cardstock paper, paint (we used acrylic but any paint can work), paintbrushes, painter's tape, markers
Warning: This can get messy. Make sure to do it over another piece of paper or a plastic tablecloth, and wear clothes that you don't mind getting paint on.

Step One: Using the painter's tape, make an interesting design on your cardstock. 

Step One

Step Two: Pick one color to paint over the paper. Pick other colors to splatter over the solid color. HINT: If you add a little warm water to the paint and mix is around you can make better splatters.

Step Two
Step Two
Step Three: Wait for everything to dry. Then peel off the painter's tape!
Step Three

Step Four: Water on Mars is a show about discovering new things. In the white lines (created from the painter's tape) write down things that you have recently discovered about yourself. Maybe you've discovered that you're a really excellent dancer, or that you love a new type of food.

Step Four
Freeze Frame

In Water on Mars, the creators/jugglers are fascinated by the shapes that thrown or juggled objects make when suspended in the air—different objects create different visual images. In this activity, experiment with what visual images you can make at home! 

Materials: Camera, light household objects (e.g. toilet paper rolls, plastic bags, scarves, etc.)

Step One: Look at the pictures below for inspiration.
Juggling Freeze Frame example with rings Juggling Freeze Frame example with pins Juggling Freeze Frame example with balls

Step Two: Clear a space in your home and collect objects that you want to throw in the air. Experiment with:
  • How things look while they are suspended in the air 
  • What shape your body can make after throwing the object
  • The most interesting way to catch the object
  • The speeds at which you throw each object 
  • A combination of different weights, textures and sizes

Step Three: Once you feel "picture-ready," position yourself in the cleared space and have another person take your photo as you throw the objects in the air. If you're using an iPhone, you can hold the shutter button or volume button down to capture a burst of photos to choose from. 

Family Activities

We invite you to share a giggle, try some new moves and deepen your understanding of the performing arts with our Public Engagement Activites, Arts Express, TXT Marks the Spot and Talk-Backs! 
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Photos: Patrik Rio Monko, Einar Kling Odencrants
Posted by Beth Henderson
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