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Play with colors, explore the outdoors and make a puppet in this Family Activity for Grug and the Rainbow! For each show in the season, we post a new Family Activity. You can find all of our past Family Activities on our blog and at

All About Grug

In Grug and the Rainbow, we meet Grug. Grug began his life as the top of a burrawang tree. Resembling a small, striped haystack with feet and a nose, he's fascinated by the world around him and solves everyday problems creatively and without fuss. In this activity, you'll get a chance to design your own version of Grug and take him on an adventure!

Materials: Grug template, drawing utensils, other craft materials (paper, tape, scissors, etc.), popsicle stick

Step One: Using the template below, color and decorate your own version of Grug. Attach him to your popsicle stick so you can move him around.
Grug Template
Step Two: When you create your own Grug, think about the following things: 
  • Color: If you could make Grug a different color, what would you choose? Don’t forget to keep his signature stripes!
  • Clothing: What kind of clothing might Grug need to get ready for summer in New York? Use construction paper to make Grug sunglasses or a hat.
  • Texture: Think about how you might use other materials, like yarn or tissue paper. Try to give Grug a new hairdo! 
Step Three: As you finish up creating your Grug, talk to a family member about: 
  • What is unique about your Grug?
  • What do you think his favorite activities might be?
  • Where do you think he lives?
  • How do you think he moves?
BONUS: Now that you have created your very own Grug, take him on a trip! Show him around your home, take him on an adventure or bring him to places that are special to you. Don’t forget to take pictures. 

Color Walk Poem

In Grug and The Rainbow, we learn all about different colors and where to find them. What colors do you see around your neighborhood? Grab a family member and head outside to create a color-ific mad-lib poem together! 

Materials: Downloadable template, writing utensil

Step One: Print out the poem template below and take it outdoors. Read the prompts aloud and work with your family member to fill them in. When you finish, read the poem together.

Color Walk Poem

Bonus: Fill it out while you’re on the way to see Grug and the Rainbow. See what colors you can spot and fill in on your way from the subway, bus or car! 

Create a Friend for Grug

Windmill Theater Company uses puppetry to tell Grug's story. In this activity, explore the artform of puppetry with your family. 

Materials: An object from your home, masking tape, marker 

Step One: Find an object in your house that you can hold and move around. Choose something that is safe and fun to play with for the activity. It can be a shoe, a cup or a tissue box—you get to choose!

Step Two: Take a small piece of masking tape (about 2 inches long), and stick it on the object where you think its eyes might be.

Step Three: Using the marker, draw eyes on the tape. Your object has now become a creature like Grug!

A Friend for Grug Example

Step Four: Now it's time to bring your puppet to life! 
  • Give your new friend a name.
  • Introduce them to everyone in your house.
  • Think about how your friend moves from place to place. Do they slither, hop or fly?
  • Use your imagination to move your version of Grug and his new friend around the space.

Family Activities
We invite you to deepen your understanding of the performing arts with our Public Engagement Activites, Arts Express and Talk-Backs!
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Posted by Beth Henderson

Learn magic, explore your memories and make a World War II-inspired poster in this Family Activity for Nivelli's War! For each show in the season, we post a new Family Activity. You can find all of our past Family Activities on our blog and at

How Does He Do It?

In Nivelli's War, the main character, Ernst, learns magic. Before you see the show, watch the two videos below and learn classic card tricks from New Victory Teaching Artist Steve Cuiffo.

I Want You...To Make a Poster
In the time of Nivelli's War there was no TV or internet to advertise or make announcements. Posters during WWII were often used to relay news or provide important information about what to do in case of emergency. Make your own WWII-inspired poster to share something exciting happening in your family this week!

Materials: Poster template, paper or poster board, art supplies (markers, crayons)

Step One: World War II posters, like the examples below, often contained a title, an imaginative picture and a catchy slogan. Look at the posters below and identify the title, the picture and the slogan
Poster Example Poster Example Poster Example

Step Two: Choose an upcoming family event or something you're proud of that happened this week (it could be about something you accomplished or something a family member has done). 

Step Three: Brainstorm a title, picture and slogan for the event or accomplishment you’ve chosen.  

For example, maybe your family plans to eat banana pancakes this weekend...
Title:  Banana Pancakes This Sunday 
Picture: Draw a picture of a monkey eating the pancakes with your family 
Slogan: "So good, we've got to share!"

Maybe your kitchen has gotten a bit messy....
Title: Dishes Overtake the Sink.
Picture: Draw a picture of a giant dish monster emerging from your sink. 
Slogan: "Pick up a sponge and get scrubbing!"

Poster Template
Step Four: Using your art supplies, color your poster and hang it where everyone can see!

Memory Lane
Nivelli's War is told through the perspective of Ernst, based on memories from his childhood. We all recall important memories differently. Remembering details like smell, sound and taste help bring a memory back to life. In this activity, choose one memory your whole family shares and compare and contrast the different details you each recall.
Materials: Memory Prompts template, a large piece of paper, writing utensils, art supplies (markers, crayons)

Memory Prompt Template
Step One: As a group, decide on a memory that you all share, like a family vacation or holiday celebration. Then, individually fill out the answers on your Memory Prompts.
Step Two: Once your Memory Prompts worksheet has been filled out, share them with one another. Were there any:
  • Similarities?
  • Differences?
  • Surprises?
Step Three: Create a Memory Mural together by using one piece of large paper (the bigger the better). Everyone draw a part of their shared memory. 


Step Four: Once finished, look at the mural together and consider these questions:  
  • Does it feel like everyone’s memories are represented?
  • If not, what would you add?
  • How does your family collect and save memories?
  • Are there other memories that your family often refers back to? Why are these memories important to your family? 

Family Activities
We invite you to deepen your understanding of the performing arts with our Public Engagement Activites, Arts Express and Talk-Backs!
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Posted by Beth Henderson
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