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At The New Victory Theater, we believe that the experience of our audience members begins long before they enter our theater and continues long after the last curtain call. Our staff—including members of our award-winning Education Department—has created activities that can be used before or after you visit the theater to explore a specific aspect of the production. Working together, your family will gain insight into the talent and hard work it takes to produce a show, while possibly learning something new about one another and creating lasting memories as a family.

A swashbuckling masked avenger is taking the New Victory stage by storm in Visible Fiction’s imaginative and fast-paced The Mark of Zorro. This Family Activity will have you donning a mask and fighting for a cause as quick as you can write the letter ‘Z’.
Challenge #1   Create Your Alter-Ego

Zorro isn’t a superhero, but rather an ordinary guy fighting for what he believes is right. If you were an avenger of justice, what would you fight for? What kind of hero would you be? Together, create your alter-egos, with a little help from the template below.

First, ask each other the following questions:

A) What is your name?
B) What is your favorite animal?
C) What is the Spanish word for that animal?
     (for reference, use the chart at the bottom of the page)

D) What do you believe is worth fighting for?
E) What is the strongest thing you can think of?
F) What is the fastest thing you can think of?
G) What skill or talent are you proud of? 

H) What is your motto or catch phrase?

Now, fill in the template with your answers to create your alter-ego!

By day, my name is (A)____________ but when I’m out fighting for justice I go by the name (C)____________.
I fight for (D)____________________________________.
I’m strong like a (E)____________ and fast like a (F)____________ but my greatest power is (G)________________________.
Every time I am successful in my quest, I say (H)________________________.

Challenge #2   Make Your Mark

Now that you have a name like Zorro’s, you must create your mark! Every time Zorro accomplishes a task, he leaves behind a big ‘Z’ as a way for people to know that justice has been served.

Create the mark you would leave behind when fighting for justice! You may use your alter-ego’s first initial, or develop your own symbol. Be as creative as possible, and think about color and your own style in creating your heroic flair.

Go the Extra Mile: After creating your signature mark, enter it into our contest for a chance to win tickets to an upcoming performance! For rules and details, click here. 

Challenge #3   Leave Your Mark
Zorro helps others in the name of honor, but keeps his true identity a secret from those he protects. See if you can do the same!

Find the Mission: Think of something you could do that would be really nice or helpful to someone in your house (e.g. Making a delicious sandwich for a family member or doing someone else's chores). 

Wait for the Right Moment: Make sure you accomplish your task without them seeing you.

Leave Your Mark: After you’ve completed the act, leave behind a piece of paper with your signature mark.

Go the Extra Mile: When you do something kind or generous for someone in your household, hide your true identity! Create a disguise to complete your alter-ego using only what you can find in your house.

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Spanish Terms for Common Animals
Ant / Hormiga   Antelope / Antílope   Bat / Murciélago   Bear / Oso
Bird / Pájaro   Cat / Gato   Chicken / Pollo   Chimpanzee / Chimpancé
Cow / Vaca   Crocodile / Cocodrilo   Dog / Perro   Dolphin / Delfín
Eagle / Águila   Elephant / Elefante   Fish / Pez   Frog / Rana
Giraffe / Jirafa   Guinea Pig / Cobaya   Hamster / Hámster   Hippo / Hipopótamo
Horse / Caballo   Kangaroo / Canguro   Lion / León   Lizard / Lagarto
Mouse / Ratón   Panda Bear / Panda   Penguin / Pingüino   Pig / Cerdo
Rabbit / Conejo   Shark / Tiburón   Sheep / Oveja   Snake / Serpiente
Tiger / Tigre   Whale / Ballena   Wolf / Lobo   Zebra / Cebra