New Victory Education Season and Performances

"We are very grateful for the opportunity to partner with The New Victory Theater and witness the joy and the difference the performances and the classroom workshops make on our students."
- NYC School Principal

"Our partnership with The New Victory Theater gives us magic, creativity and joy." - NYC 5th Grade Teacher

The New Victory Theater has introduced nearly 530,000 students and teachers to a broad spectrum of dance, theater, music, puppetry, new vaudeville and circus productions from around the world. Many of these students experience their first ever live performance at The New Victory Theater.

The New Victory season offers a unique chance for students ranging in ages from Pre-K to 12th grade to experience live performances in the heart of New York City’s Theater District. Students and teachers are immersed in high quality performing arts productions during the school day and after school time.

The New Victory Education Department is committed to building impactful and long-lasting relationships with schools, after-schools and summer programs through the performing arts. We foster strong and meaningful partnerships with schools and youth programs by providing in-depth performing arts engagement opportunities that infuse creativity across the curriculum.

New Victory Philosophy & Education Team
The nationally-recognized New Victory Education programs connect the artists to the audience and all of us to the performing arts. Our programs strive to be accessible; inviting students, teachers, kids, families and communities of New York City and beyond to play, learn and engage in the arts. 

The New Victory Education Department is comprised of eight Arts Educators working in close collaboration with 55+ Teaching Artists. Inspired by the live performances on the New Victory stage, the whole Education team collaboratively develops School and Public Engagement curriculum and meets regularly to reflect and assess the work. The New Victory Teaching Artists are gifted working artists who bring their passion for the arts into educational settings. Together, the team possesses a diverse range of skills, including acting, playwriting, music, puppetry, hip hop, street theater, circus arts and contemporary dance, bringing a rich and extensive array of artistic and education knowledge into every New Victory Education program.