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October 5, 2018

Meet the New Ushers

Map of NYC with Welcome flag and greetings in nine languages
When performances of Machine de Cirque kicked off a brand new season last weekend at The New Victory, the curtain also rose on a new group of first-year Ushers. Part of the New 42nd Street Youth Corps, the New Victory Usher Corps provides paid employment, job training, academic support, mentorship and an introduction to the performing arts for 50 young New Yorkers each year.

Meet this new group of First Years, who hail from across New York City!

Pick your neighborhood: The Bronx | Brooklyn | Manhattan | Queens


Amy C.
Amy C.

School: Long Island City High School

Route to Work: 6 to the N

Favorite Food: Beef tacos

Ananda D.
Ananda D.

School: Bronx High School for Medical Science

Route to Work: D to the A

Favorite Food: Fettuccine Alfredo

Cliff W.
Cliff W.

School: Careers in Sports High School

Route to Work: Bx5 to the 2

Favorite Food: Well-done steak

Dorian T.
Dorian T.

School: Hostos Community College

Route to Work: 4 train

Favorite Food: A chopped cheese

Maurice E.
Maurice E.

School: Borough of Manhattan Community College

Route to Work: 6 train

Favorite Food: Sesame chicken with pork fried rice

Qura D.
Qura D.

School: Smith YABC

Route to Work: 4 to the 2

Favorite Food: Mac and cheese

Ronnie C.
Ronnie C.

School: Bronx Community College

Route to Work: 4 train

Favorite Food: BBQ fried chicken

Veronica P.
Veronica P.

School: Borough of Manhattan Community College

Route to Work: 4 to the 2

Favorite Food: Fettuccine Alfredo

Yunis O.
Yunis O.

School: Pathways to Graduation

Route to Work: 2 train

Favorite Food: Double cheeseburgers



Angel O.
Angel O.

School: Fort Hamilton High School

Route to Work: N or R trains

Favorite Food: Pepperoni pizza

Annalisa D.
Annalisa D.

School: LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts

Route to Work: B train

Favorite Food: Chicken tenders

Dennorie G.
Dennorie G.

School: Urban Assembly Maker Academy

Route to Work: 4 train

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers

Ishaga J.
Ishaga J.

School: High School for Youth and Community Development

Route to Work: L to the Q

Favorite Food: Anything with BBQ sauce

Kasim C.
Kasim C.

School: Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice

Route to Work: 2 train

Favorite Food: Mangoes

Melissa R.
Melissa R.

School: University Neighborhood High School

Route to Work: D or N trains

Favorite Food: Tacos al pastor

Xan B.
Xan B.

School: Saint Francis College

Route to Work: 2 or 3 trains

Favorite Food: Shake Shack french fries



Ashlie M.
Ashlie M.

School: Harlem Village Academies High School

Route to Work: 2 or 3 trains

Favorite Food: Shrimp

Bella D.
Bella D.

School: Saint Vincent Ferrer High School

Route to Work: Q train

Favorite Food: Chicken empanadas

Jessica C.
Jessica C.

School: High School of Economics and Finance

Route to Work: A/C or N/Q trains

Favorite Food: Everything!

Kyana J.
Kyana J.

School: Repertory Company High School for Theater Arts

Route to Work: 2 or 6 trains

Favorite Food: Baked potatoes with sour cream and cheese



Jeniya S.
Jeniya S.

School: Queens Metropolitan High School

Route to Work: J to the A

Favorite Food: Lasagna

Josh P.
Josh P.

School: Forest Hills High School

Route to Work: M train

Favorite Food: Plain pizza

Nowsin T.
Nowshin T.

School: Hillside Arts and Letters Academy

Route to Work: F to the E

Favorite Food: Ice cream!

If you're headed to the theater this weekend or anytime this year, look for these 23 young New Yorkers scanning tickets, helping you to your seats, selling concessions, leading activities in the Jack and Lew Rudin Lobby and keeping everyone in the the theater safe. 

For profiles of Ushers during their final year in the Youth Corps, return to this blog throughout the year for Third-Year Usher Spotlights. The program was also recently profiled on the Reduced Shakespeare Company podcast (duration: 20 minutes).

The New 42nd Street Youth Corps programs are made possible, in part, by grants from The Pinkerton Foundation, The Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation, The Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation and The Theater Subdistrict Council. To support this educational and job training initiative, make a gift to the New 42nd Street Annual Fund.
Posted by Jamie O'Brien

Welcome to Tinga Tinga Tales – The Musical where Lion, Monkey, Elephant and their larger-than-life animal friends leap onto the stage from the beloved Kenyan book and cartoon series. In this Family Activity, create your own story at home, embody animals on your way and write your own happy song after the show! 

Inspired by popular African folk tales, Tinga Tinga Tales – The Musical paints a colorful picture of how certain animals changed over time and evolved into what they are today. What are some animals in your own life? Do you have any pets or do you see any city-dwelling creatures on the way to work or school? In this activity, create a fable about one of those animals! 

Materials: Two blank pieces of paper, writing and drawing utensils

Step One: Pick one of these titles or create your very own!
  • How the Cat Got Its Whiskers
  • How the Dog Started to Bark
  • How the Lizard Grew Its Long Tail
  • How the Hamster Learned to Store its Food
  • How the Pigeon Found Its Wings
  • How the Goldfish Got Its Color
Step Two: It’s always good to have a story outline! Fill in this outline:


Here's an example we made for you!
Title: How the Dog Got Her Bark
Type of Animal: Dog
Name of Your Animal: Doggie
Where Does Your Animal Live?: My house
What Does Your Animal Want?: To be able to communicate
What Happens First? Doggie tried wagging her tail as hard as she could, but no sound came out. 
What Happens Second? Doggie tried tapping her owner's knee, but the owner only told her to "shoo."
What Happens Third? Finally, she realized that the sound of her owner was coming from her owner’s mouth! So Doggie took a deep breath in and tried to talk. Out came a BARK!

Now, it is time to turn this into a story!

Step Three: Ask a grown up for two blank sheets of paper and fold them in half. Put one inside of the other so that you have your own mini book. Fill out the book with the instructions below
Write the title of your story across the top and your name at the bottom. Don’t forget to illustrate it!


More than anything in the world, (ANIMAL NAME) wanted to be able to (WHAT DOES YOUR ANIMAL WANT).




And it has been the same for every (TYPE OF ANIMAL) ever since!

On Your Way
Tinga Tinga Tales – The Musical is based on an animated series, inspired by African fables. As you travel to the show with your friends and family, act out a few animals from the Tinga Tinga Tales television show with Guess That Animal! 

Step One: Decide who will be the first guesser. 

Step Two: The first guesser opens up this video on a mobile device.

Step Three: The guesser must hold the mobile device so that they cannot see the images but that the other players can see the images. The best locations are on their forehead or somewhere at the center of their chest.

Step Four: The other players act out clues to help the guesser figure out what animal is on screen before their time is up. They can use animal noises, body shapes or short descriptions. Does your group want a challenge? Try using no words at all.

Step Five: The next animal will appear on screen after 10 seconds. After six animals, it's the next guesser's turn.

Get started! 
After the Show
At the end of the show, Chameleon found all of his colors. Everyone celebrates by singing a happy song and dancing a joyful jig! Write your very own happy song by filling in the blanks below.

Step One: Fill in the blanks below.
When I see the color red I think of ______. Red makes me feel very ______. 
When I see the color orange I think of ______. Orange makes me feel very ______.
When I see the color yellow I think of ______. Yellow makes me feel very ______. 
When I see the color green I think of ______. Green makes me feel very ______.
When I see the color blue I think of ______. Blue makes me feel very ______.
When I see indigo I think of ______. Indigo makes me feel very ______.
When I see violet I think of ______. Violet makes me feel very ______.
These are the colors of a rainbow it’s true. I am glad I got to share my feelings with you!

Step Two: Sing your song to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Try to act out your song to make the sing-a-long special. 

And Beyond
Here are some ways to deepen your understanding of the performance.
Posted by Beth Henderson
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