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May 24, 2016

Family Activity: Caps for Sale the Musical

Monkey around with mimicry and make a collage together with this Family Activity inspired by Caps for Sale the Musical. For each show in the season, we post a new Family Activity. Bookmark to discover how you and your family can continue your theatergoing experiences at home.

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Collage for Sale

Esphyr Slobodkina, the author and illustrator of Caps for Sale, was also a famous collage artist! In this activity, play with the art form of collage. Collage is made by sticking a variety of materials onto a blank surface to form a picture.

Materials: Printable landscape template, blank white paper for tracing, markers, slips of colored paper and magazines, printable texture template, scissors, glue stick

Step One: Print out one of the images from our landscape template.

Step Two: Put a blank piece of paper over the landscape and, with a marker. trace the outlines of the dominant shapes. HINT: Hold the papers up to a light source if you have trouble seeing the outlines.

Step Three: Depending on your kid's age, either cut pieces of colored paper or pictures from magazines ahead of time, or cut them out together. Think about the outline that you traced while you're cutting your shapes. For some fun textures, print out our texture template.

Step Four: Glue your pieces of cut paper inside the lines of the drawing. HINT: For little ones, try using a glue sponge!

Step Five: Put some finishing touches on your collage with additional marker lines, and then sign your name. You've just finished a beautiful collage!

This example collage was created by Third Year New Victory Usher Claire Early. Thanks, Claire!

Step Six: Compare your works of art to some of Esphyr Slobodkina's collages, seen below! As a family, discuss these questions:
  • What are the similarities?
  • What are the differences?
  • What is fun about collage?
  • What is hard?
  • How is collage different from drawing? Which do you prefer? Why?

Slobodkina collage from The Wonderful Feast

Mirror, Mirror on the Monkey

In Caps for Sale, the monkeys steal the Peddler's caps! Inspired by those silly monkeys, this activity asks you to mimic and monkey around!

Step One: Decide who is going to be a monkey and who is going to be a peddler.

Step Two: Start by facing each other. Whatever the peddler says or does, the monkey should copy. Monkeys, mimic the peddlers as closely as possible.

Step Three: After a few minutes switch roles. Think about...
  • repeating exactly what they say
  • their gestures and how they move their body
  • how their voice sounds

BONUS: Try playing the game in public without anyone noticing.

Capstacle Course

The Peddler in Caps for Sale is no ordinary peddler. He carries his caps on his head! Now it's your turn to test your skill at balancing things on your head.

Materials: Lots of hats, masking tape

Step One: Collect all the hats in your home.

Step Two: Move all the furniture in one room to create an open space, ideally 15–20 feet in length.

Step Three: Using the masking tape, create a path on the floor. Get creative! Add curves and see if you can extend your obstacle course over or under things!

Step Four: One by one, stack all the hats on your head and try to keep them balanced while walking the path. You're the peddler! While you're walking, your other family members should act like monkeys to distract you and throw off your balance! HINT: Monkeys, use the element of surprise to startle the peddler into dropping hats.

Step Five: Take turns being the peddler. See how far you can get into your obstacle course before those monkeys make you drop your hats!

BONUS: Make the path even harder! Create breaks in the path to introduce hopscotch-like jumps, and vary the width with narrow spots.

Ready for more activities? Come early and visit the lower lobby area before the show.
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Collage by Claire Early
Posted by Zack Ramadan
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