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In the story of The Pied Piper, the melodies of a mysterious stranger have the ability to hypnotize his listeners, first rats and later children! The hypnotic power of music is not just the stuff of fairy tales, though. As any music-lover can attest, it's easy to get lost in a great song. Our musical tastes may all be different, but we can all agree that there are some songs so delightful, so infectious, that we'd be content to leave them on repeat all day long.

So, in honor of The Pied Piper's irresistible tunes, we asked our staff to contribute their favorite earworms. Take a listen below, and learn more about what makes each song so alluring to its adorer!

One of my favorite songs to listen to is "Þú Ert Jörðin" (Icelandic for "You are the earth") by Ólafur Arnalds. I'm drawn to this song because it always seems to change its shape depending on what mood or setting I'm in. If I'm stressed, it calms me. If I'm sad, it comforts me. If I'm tired, it lulls me to sleep and if I'm happy, it only adds to my euphoric state. It's truly one of the most beautiful, mesmeric compositions I've ever listened to. – Christopher Ritz-Totten, Public Relations Associate

One song that has had me under its spell for years is "Folkloric Feel" by Apostle of Hustle. It has an usual rhythm that shifts halfway through and a peculiar mix of sounds that make me feel like I'm both marching forward and jumping in place. Even though it's a seven-plus-minute song, I'm always waiting for it to keep going! – Zack Ramadan, Digital Marketing Associate


I have a million of these, but the most recent ones that I have on constant replay are "Fool for Love" by Lord Huron and "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel. They both have an alt-folk feel, with bouncy melodies that I love. – Melinda Berk, Director of New Victory Operations

Tough decision! One song I can listen to repeatedly is "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" by The Arrogant Worms.  The sea shanty energy gets me moving any time I listen to it, but the bottom line is that I never tire of hearing a farmer-turned-pirate sing about his adventures "stealing wheat and barley and all the other grains." – Kali DiPippo, Assistant Director of Artistic Programming

I love "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." I love how it can go on and on, and I love the message of moving forward gently and being carried, too. – Melissa Kalt, Senior Manager, Individual Giving

I'm such a big music lover that it's very hard to pick just one song that's rested in my head. I spend much of my day humming one song or another to myself. Carly Simon's "Legend in Your Own Time" is one that often ends up at the fringes of my brain, and then there's always Janis Joplin's version of "Bobby McGee".  In my head, I hear my voice singing these songs flawlessly, even though in real life, I'm usually quite off key! – Alice Arias, Controller

There is something about the pacing of "Angel from Montgomery" by Bonnie Raitt that sets a new rhythm for my breathing. When I am not feeling all that peppy, it feels almost meditative. – Lindsey Buller Maliekel, Director of Education / Public Engagement

I've been really into this band called Hiatus Kaiyote lately. I'm really into jazz-inspired music, and "Nakamarra" by Haitus Kaiyote is my favorite song of theirs. It has a great mix of jazzy, soulful, smooth vocals by the lead female singer and a nice constant upbeat rhythm by the drums and bass guitar. – Tionge Johnson, Spring 2016 Development Apprentice

I'm a huge Kylie Minogue fan. "Get Outta My Way" became my hypnotic earworm because, when I really need to get my art focus on, I find myself listening to the same song on repeat. It helps me focus! And this song just blends into hours of focusing. – Katie Diamond, Marketing & Design Associate

Oh my gosh! "Rhythm Divine" by Enrique Iglesias never gets old. The music itself is transcending—listening to it, I can picture myself dancing in an open air café lit by twinkling lights by the ocean! – Rhesa Richards, Assistant to the Executive VP and VP, Operations



So what song puts a spell on you? Let us know in the comments below, and don't miss Milan's famed Carlo Colla & Sons Marionette Company's THE PIED PIPER, at the New Vic through May 15.
Posted by Zack Ramadan


This week, we welcome Théâtre de l'Œil's The Star Keeper to the New Victory stage! With their whimsical and endearing puppets, they tell the story of Pretzel the worm, who goes on a fantastical journey to return a fallen star to its place in the heavens. 

Théâtre de l'Œil has described the show as "immersed in the magical universe of children's dreams." So we asked our staff to recall the places their dreams and imaginations took them as kids!

I spent lots of time under my family's forsythia bush next to our deck. Under the bush, I laid out a very detailed floor plan of my house that included a kitchen (with stick silverware and rock plates), a bedroom and a bathroom corner. I have incredibly fond memories of eating lunch in my forsythia house with my dog, Chloe (she wasn't imaginary). — Renata Melillo Townsend, Education Programs Manager

I was playing on the playground at Kiddie Kampus, where I spent my afternoons waiting for my mom to pick me up. I'd conquered the jungle gym, monkey bars and balance beam. I'd wowed and amused my fellow Kampers, playing and dancing to songs by the Beastie Boys and Huey Lewis and the News on my jambox. Then, without warning, I found myself flying. I was soaring over the playground, dipping downward and darting back upward, and locking eyes with the other Kiddies. It was exhilarating. Then, I woke up. Twenty-nine years later, I remember every image of that dream, and I recall it from time to time. It's a reminder of what my imagination is capable of—a reminder to keep dreaming. — Christopher Ritz-Totten, Public Relations Associate

My parents built our house on old farmland, so when I was a kid there were various remnants from the farm that were perfect settings for different adventures. One year at Halloween, the long path through the woods in the front yard became a haunted trail. In the winter, after it had snowed, we carved the spaces behind the aging rock walls into trenches as we went off to war and ate hardtack (circus peanuts, of course!).  And come spring, we morphed into archaeologists behind the garage where the farmers had long ago discarded old glass Coke bottles, classic marbles and more—trash to them but treasures to us! — Kali DiPippo, Assistant Director of Artistic Programming

I recall a dream in which I fetched Estelle Getty her newspaper! After thanking me, she pointed into the distance and warned, "Watch out for the wolves." A pack of wolves then chased me into the house, where, by means of an otherworldly incantation, Estelle transmuted them into a harmless baby Frankenstein. What can I say? I was six years old, The Golden Girls was still on the air, and I had seen Beauty and the Beast in theaters five times. — Zack Ramadan, Digital Content Producer

When I was turning ten, I was obsessed with having a horse.  For that whole summer, three of the other neighborhood girls and I played "Hero Horses" almost daily. We shredded old sheets and towels to create tie-on manes and tails, and sometimes we’d decorate them with ribbon, buttons and charms. Then we would set up pretend perilous scenarios with other neighborhood kids. They would go off and hide, act out their "scene" and eventually call out for help from the Hero Horses. We would hear their shouts and gallop off as a herd looking to save them. Then they would jump on our backs, piggyback style, to be carried to safety in another yard, and we’d all break for Kool-Aid… which we drank out of loaf pan troughs! — Rhesa Richards, Assistant to the Executive VP and VP of Operations

For years, as a kid, I had a recurring dream. I would be riding on a roller-coaster, and just as it flipped upside-down I would suddenly shrink to six inches tall—too small to stay in my seat. I would start falling to the ground! But not to worry—I always had a tiny parachute! I would float down into my sister's hand, and she would carry me around in her pocket for the rest of the day. — Lauren Hood, Artistic Programming Associate
Do you have a magical childhood dream or make-believe adventure you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below, and don't miss Théâtre de l'Œil's The Star Keeper, playing at The New Victory Theater April 1–3.
Posted by Zack Ramadan
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