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The New Victory Blog is a place to learn more about New York's theater for families and the shows we produce. Find out what we do and what we're passionate about—exploring the arts as a family.

It's summertime, and here at The New Victory we're busy getting ready for our upcoming season. All summer long, we've offered fun Summer Field Guides for you to celebrate being a kid in New York. Get inspired by the activities below and start getting in the mood for the shows to come!

School will back in session soon, so we're rounding out summer with our biggest Field Guide yet. Make a hat, touch the sky and banish your fears—it's September!

September 3rd – Skyscraper Day

Empire State Building above the cloudsSeen a skyscraper lately? If you live in New York City, you see them all the time! Super tall buildings might seem old hat nowadays, but I encourage you to take off your jade-colored glasses and tilt your gaze skyward. All around you, there are beautiful buildings: combinations of perfect geometric shapes rooted in the ground like tremendous manmade trees, and from their concrete treetops you can see for miles.

Coming to the New Vic next May, CITÉ is a shadow puppetry and animation exploration of urban shapes that tells the story of a little man chasing the sun over city rooftops. Follow his example with a visit to one of New York City's famed observation decks, and feel a little awe. It's Skyscraper Day!

The Empire State Building: Made famous, or perhaps infamous, by Fay Wray and her simian beau, this is New York's best-known skyscraper, and its observation deck is equally renowned. It's least crowded late at night, but the views are spectacular at any hour.

Top of the Rock: The observation deck atop the Comcast Building (née 30 Rockefeller Center) offers amazing views in every direction, including of the Empire State Building, which you can't see at all when you're, you know, on top of it.

WTC Observation Deck: New York's newest observation deck is in New York's tallest building, and it offers unbeatable views of New York Harbor and the surrounding boroughs. The augmented reality elevator ride is an experience unto itself, and don't miss the New Vic cameo in the interactive City Pulse display.

The Statue of Liberty Crown: Though she's not a typical skyscraper, The Statue of Liberty is as tall as many famous NY buildings, and the windows in her crown offer an amazing view of New York Harbor and lower Manhattan. You may have to arrange your visit months in advance, but she's worth it.  

Share your rooftop view with us on Instagram @newvictorytheater, #NYCité, and tell us what shapes you espy from up high. Bonus points for extra geometric photos. Then, when you get home, use your favorite building materials to make a minature skyscraper of your own!
Cité icon   From Toulouse, France, Le Clan des Songes returns to the New Vic with CITÉ, the final chapter in their trilogy about exploration and discovery. When the New York winter seems never-ending, just remember that you have the magic of CITÉ to look forward to in May 2016!

September 13th - Defy Superstition Day

Kid looking under the bed with a flashlightThe number 13 is often considered unlucky. Poppycock! There's no such thing as bad luck, and Defy Superstition Day is the day to prove it to yourself. Just keep your wits about you, like the mouse in THE GRUFFALO does to evade danger in the deep dark wood, and you'll soon realize that there's nothing to fear.

Here are some easy ways to disregard the many silly superstitions you know and fear for no good reason:
  • Open an umbrella inside. – Seven years' bad luck? This one doesn't hold water.
  • Get off on the 13th floor. – It's no different from the 12th or 14th, after all.
  • Step on all the cracks. – No one's back will break. It's okay.
  • Stay in the tub while the water drains. – You won't get sucked in, I promise.
  • Rather than counting all the things, recite random numbers. – 12, ¼, 98.6, π, -653, 0!
  • Shine a flashlight under your bed. – The only monsters there are dustbunnies.
  • And for goodness' sake, wash those lucky socks. – They're disgusting!
I'll admit, I broke my leg on a Friday the 13th when I was seven years old. What are the odds, right? Actually, they were 1 in 365—the same as any other day that year. And, yes, I am still afraid of rollerskates.
The Gruffalo icon   Tall Stories returns to the New Vic with kid-favorite THE GRUFFALO in October. Don't miss the mouse's adventures in the deep dark wood. Now that you've overcome all these superstitions, you can show her a thing or two about facing your fears.

September 15th – Make a Hat Day

As September starts to wane and autumn approaches, you might need a hat to stay warm. Celebrate this month's 75th Anniversary of CAPS FOR SALE by making a hat of your own on September 15th—Make A Hat Day!

First try out this sailboat-inspired hat—simple and fun with easy-to-follow instructions:

Sailboat Hat Instructions
Click to download
a larger PDF of these instructions.

If you're feeling more adventurous, check out these crafty hat designs:
Newspaper Party Hat   Newspaper party hat with flowers from maya*made Paper Crown   Vintage-inspired paper crown from Rook No. 17
Paper Strip Beanie   Paper strip beanie from Scrumdilly Do Chef's Hat   Tissue paper chef's hat from The First Grade Project

Share your cap creations with us on Instagram @newvictorytheater or on Twitter @newvictory, #MakeAHat! And if your hat holds up over the winter, you can wear it to the theater when you come to see CAPS FOR SALE THE MUSICAL at the New Vic.
Caps for Sale Icon   Adventure Theatre MTC is bringing their musical adaptation of Caps for Sale to The New Victory in February 2016: CAPS FOR SALE THE MUSICAL! In the meantime, re-read the book, and get ready for the long-awaited sequel, More Caps for Sale, launching October 27th from Harper Collins.

That's it for our 2015 Summer Field Guides! We hope you've had a fun-filled summer here in New York, and we can't wait for you to see this season's upcoming shows. School may be back in session soon, but many of the activities from our Field Guides are great for after-school fun or weekend staycations. Here's a complete list of the Field Guides and their activities, all in one place. Enjoy!
Velveteen Rabbit Icon   Teddy Bear Picnic Day Pick a New York picnic spot, or pick your own and add it to our map. Then design an invitation and a menu for your favorite stuffed animal!
A Midsummer Night's Dream Icon   Pandemonium Day Write and recite a silly love poem, promote peculiar food pairings and turn heads with an eccentric ensemble of mismatched patterns.
The Star Keeper Icon   Moon Day Design a constellation, place a handmade star out in the world for people to wish on and visit a local planetarium!
The Pied Piper Icon   Ratcatcher's Day Make a rat marionette, write your rat's biography and design a family portrait for your extended family.
White Icon   Vanilla Ice Cream Day Try a recommended NYC ice cream spot or add your favorite to our map. Then make your own ice cream and enjoy it while decorating eggs.
Bello Icon Pedal Punk Icon   Family Fun Month Make the most of Coney Island with our BINGO card. Then go cycling as a family on various New York City island destinations.
Handa's Surprise Icon   Friendship Day Make one of many charming bracelets for your best buddy, and caption our silly photos of unlikely animal friends.
The Gruffalo Icon The Velveteen Rabbit Icon
Handa's Surprise Icon Caps for Sale Icon
  Book Lover's Day Check out some summer reading picks from NYC librarians. Then crack open the storybooks you'll see on our stage this season.
Museum of Memories Icon   Friendship Week Make a Friendship Yearbook full of silly superlatives and quirky quotes from your friends. Then snap a déjà vu selfie somewhere familiar!
Fly Icon   Aviation Day Make your own fast-moving paper airplane and compete with your friends. Then visit a local aviation museum and see the real thing.

Posted by Zack Ramadan

It's summertime, and here at The New Victory we're busy getting ready for our upcoming season. All summer long, we're offering fun Summer Field Guides for you to celebrate being a kid in New York. Get inspired by the activities below and start getting in the mood for the shows to come!

In this issue, we celebrate Friendship Week this third week of August, along with National Aviation Day on August 19th.

Friendship Week – The Third Week in August

We celebrated Friendship Day earlier this month, but we're treating Friendship Week a bit differently. In honor of NIE Theatre's MUSEUM OF MEMORIES, coming to The New Victory in January, let's focus on the memories you've made with your closest friends over the years.

Friendship Yearbook

As we grow up, friends will inevitably come in and out of our lives; so it's nice to have things we can remember them by—photos, music, written notes, artwork, jokes, stories. MUSEUM OF MEMORIES explores the idea that, in the end, we're all defined by those things, those remembrances of other people we've known. So let's start remembering!Silly Superlatives yearbook page

Yearbooks are a great way to gather memories of your friends all in one place. Who says they have to be school-issued? Gather pictures of your closest friends and assemble your own Friendship Yearbook! You can use a traditional scrapbook, a blank notebook or just a stapled sheaf of paper. Here are some ideas for pages.

Silly Superlatives – Label each of your friends with a silly title, like Class Klutz, Best Socks or Most Likely to Rescue a Kitten. If there are stories or inside jokes behind these titles, jot them down! Otherwise, you might not remember them years from now when you're feeling nostalgic.

Quirky Quotes – Graduating seniors often put quotations alongside their photos to sum up their personalities or share appropriated wisdom. For your Friendship Yearbook, rather than picking famous quotes, write down funny things you actually hear your friends say—jokes, tongue-twisters, spoonerisms. Direct quotes like this capture a friend's personality far better than Stoppard or Twain!

Simple Signatures – When it comes time for your friends to sign your Yearbook, make it easy for them with pre-made snippets and sentence starters, like these. Throw in some curveballs, too, and see what happens.
   • Remember that time…?    • I wish I could forget…
   • Can you believe…?    • I can still taste…
   • The worst was when…    • Sorry, not sorry.
   • Tell me the truth…    • Who?
   • I know you have a crush on…    • Eww!

Share your Yearbook with us @newvictorytheater on Instagram, and have a great summer!

Two friends take a selfie#DéjàVu

Déjà Vu is that feeling you get when something seems so familiar, you're certain you've seen or experienced it before. Most of the time, it's just your memory playing tricks on you; but sometimes, you really are repeating history. 

Find a photo you took with a friend on an outing somewhere in NYC—that Saturday at Coney Island, or that rainy day at the library. Then plan a trip with your friend to that same place and re-stage the photo! Share it on Instagram, #DéjàVu. Bonus points if you or your friend actually experience Déjà Vu while staging the photo!
Museum of Memories Icon    NIE Theatre brings the innovative and poignant MUSEUM OF MEMORIES to the New Vic in January 2016. It's the story of a young man as remembered by his friends after he takes his own life. Read more about the show and check out the Explore video from Director Kjell Moberg for some behind-the-scenes info.

August 19th – National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day has its origins in the Wright Brothers. Orville Wright was born on August 19, 1871, and in 1903 he and his brother Wilbur designed and built the first airplane to successfully maintain lift—they gave us flight. FLY, coming to The New Victory next March, tells the story of a different set of aviation pioneers: the Tuskeegee Airmen of WWII. In honor of all these pioneering aviators, here are some flight-related activities that might just earn you your wings.

DIY Aircraft

Follow these instructions to make your own paper airplane. Get your friends to join you, and then compete to see whose plane flies the farthest, the highest, the crookedest or the loop-the-loopiest.

 Paper Airplane Tutorial 

Click to download
a larger PDF of these instructions.

Tweet us your paper airplane distance record @newvictory, #AviationDay! If you break the sound barrier, please let us know.

Earthbound Airshow

Back on the ground, the New York Metro Area has some excellent aviation museums that detail the history of flight and show off aircraft from multiple eras. Get up close with real planes and expand your aeronautical expertise!

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum – Midtown West, NY –
The Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey – Teterboro, NJ –
The Cradle of Aviation Museum – Garden City, NY –
The American Airpower Museum – Farmingdale, NY –
Fly Icon    Now that you're an aviation expert, don't miss FLY, coming to the New Vic in March courtesy of Crossroads Theatre Company and The Pasadena Playhouse. 
Posted by Zack Ramadan
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