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And then there were two. Our Final Four have faced off, and only our finalists remain! The Ugly Duckling flew far, but he couldn’t keep up with Peter Pan's vigorous pace; nor could Beauty and the Beast out-maneuver Alice’s amazing antics.

The Finals are now at hand. For the bronze, we pit The Ugly Duckling against Belle and her Beast in a battle of inner beauty; while, in our Championship Match, it's Neverland versus Wonderland. Will Peter soar to the top of the podium, or will Alice eat him for breakfast?

Yes, March now draws to a close, but the Madness isn’t over yet. All this week, we’ll be counting the votes as you determine this year’s Kids’ Lit Champion! Be sure to CAST YOUR VOTES, and check back on April 9 to find out who’s taking home the gold. Second star to the right, and straight on through the looking-glass! 

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The votes have been tallied, and four winners have been anointed! Not straw, not sticks, not even bricks could withstand the march of the Ugly Duckling, who squeaked out a Fuzzy victory against three poor Little Piggies in Round Three's tightest match. On the Rookie front, Peter Pan airlifted the Wild Things' crown back to Neverland, while Stranger-in-Wonderland Alice sent a floundering Little Mermaid back under the sea. And in Round Three's most crepe-crushing defeat, Belle seized the Princess tiara and put Snow White down for a long nap. The Dwarves were not available for comment.

Now our four victors face off; and, like books on wings, sparks are bound to fly. Will Peter Pan's crowing drown out the Ugly Duckling's cute little chirps? Will Beauty and the Beast's French heritage sauté Alice's mushrooms? The tension is palpable.

Only YOU can decide who will make it to the final round, and who will be packing their bookbags and heading back to the library. Cast your votes in the ballot below, and check back on March 31 to see who advances to the CHAMPIONSHIP. May the best archetype win!
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