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The Mysterous Hat Family Activity

Before rocking out with Justin Roberts, have some musically-themed and crafty family fun with our Mysterious Hat Family Activity! For each show in the season, we post a new Family Activity. Bookmark to discover how you and your family can continue your theatergoing experiences at home.

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Materials: Spotify music player (download, or use the web version here—don't forget to follow The New Victory Theater!)

Step One: Listen to our playlist of Children's Music favorites.

Step Two: Think about songs in your life that have the same flavor as this playlist!

Step Three: Create your own playlist. Then, tweet your #MysteriousPlaylist to us @newvictory.


One of the most exciting things about attending a concert is getting to see some of your favorite rockstars up close and in person! Make some RAD fan posters to take to the theater with you!

Materials Needed: Poster Board or Construction Paper, Markers

Step One: As a family decide what you want to write on your fan signs. HINT: Sometimes people write song lyrics or write messages directly to the musicians. Bonus points if you can incorporate a pun!

Step Two: First design your sign on a piece of scrap paper. Think about colors and layout. Make sure you make the letters big enough so the musicians onstage can read them!

Step Three: Create your posters and share them with each other. 

Step Four: Bring them to the show to prove you are the biggest fan! Make sure you only take out your signs during the applause. 


What do the Beach Boys, Jackson 5, Sister Sledge, Hanson and the Jonas Brothers all have in common?  They are bands made up of family members! If your family were to make up a band, what would it be like? 

Materials: Poster Board (or large paper) and Markers/Crayons

Step One: First decide on a band name. Think about something that makes your family different than other families. Maybe it’s a favorite food you all like to eat? Or a distinguishing characteristic. Can you incorporate that into the name? 

Step Two: Have each member of the family think of two song titles that your band would play.  

Step Three: Now it's time to create your album cover. HINT: Parents you may have to explain to your kids what an album is. Take a picture of your family making a band pose!

Step Four: Print out the photo and secure it to a piece of paper. Write the name of your band and a list of the song titles. Decorate it however you see fit.  



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Artwork by Katie Diamond