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LUV: American-Style Family Activity

In LUV: American-Style the dancers of Rennie Harris introduce the three laws of hip-hop: individuality, creativity, innovation. In this Family Activity, explore these “laws” through dance and play in your own home!

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A Move of Your Own

Individuality is whatever makes you different and stand out from everyone else. In this activity, find out what your family thinks is unique about you and share it proudly through dance.


Materials: Tape, Markers, Paper

Step One: Tape a piece of paper to each person's back.

Step Two: On each other’s papers, write qualities, special skills, creative style choices and anything that makes that person stand out! For example, maybe your Dad is excellent at making pancakes, or your little brother always wears mismatched socks. Once you're finished, pull off the papers and see what everyone wrote!

Step Three: Choose one or two words and create a gesture or movement inspired by those words. For example, if your family wrote that you have huge heart, your gesture could be placing your hands on your heart.

Step Four: Now it's time to turn that gesture into a dance move! Find a way to add musicality to the gesture and create an "eight count" movement. This means doing the move for eight counts or beats—you can repeat the move eight times or do it slowly so it lasts eight seconds. For example, if you were to do the "hands on the heart" gesture, you could do that eight times in repetition, or do it in slow motion for 8 seconds.


Creating a Crew

Work with your "crew" to combine your unique dance move with some classic party dances.

Step One: Teach each other the moves you came up with in the first activity.

Step Two: Now find a way to put them together. For example, if one move was jumping up and down and another move was putting your hands over your heart, you could decide to jump up and down and then transition to putting your hands over your heart. Hint: It sometimes helps if you have someone count while rehearsing!

Step Three: Now that you have a dance, you need to make your crew official: you need a crew look and a crew name! Brainstorm together about how you want to dress for your performance, and come up with a catchy name that you'll announce before performing.



Innovation: Showtime!

Dr. Rennie Harris rewrites the definition of hip-hop by pairing classic street dance moves with rock and roll music. Set your new dance to an unexpected song and let the rhythm take over!

Step One: Choose three totally different songs to match up with your new dance. Check out the playlist below for a few favorite tracks from the dancers of Luv: American-Style.

Step Two: Try doing the dance to each song and see how the music affects your choreography.

Step Three: Now it’s time to put it all together in a routine that would make Rennie Harris proud! Combine the new dance you’ve created with the song of your crew’s choice and a final pose with swagger. Hint: Costumes always help to add swagger!

BONUS: If you’re feeling brave, take a video of you and your family busting a move! Maybe it will become the next dance craze (or the next viral video). Post it to Instagram with the hashtag #NewVicLuv.


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Artwork by Katie Diamond