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Museum of Memories Family Activities

Your first love...

Your biggest disappointment...

The hardest you ever laughed...

That embarrassing time you...

These activities and discussion guides have been created so that families can use Museum of Memories as an inspiration to talk about life—all of life. And hopefully, through this piece of theater, parents and teens will be able to talk about their own memories and experiences together. Memories of the best times—vacations, celebrations, first loves—and also times of challenge—loss, shame and disappointment. This Family Activity is broken into four parts and was created after consulting with the artists of NIE Theatre. We hope these activities and resources will enhance and deepen your experience at the theater.

Pre-Show Family Activity

Before coming to see Museum of Memories, explore your memories and make a time capsule as a family with this Pre-Show Family Activity.



Post-Show Family Activity

After you've seen Museum of Memories, reflect on the show and tell stories as a family with this Post-Show Family Activity.



Parents-Only Guide to Difficult Conversations

Certain topics can be difficult to broach with your kid. Whether you have already seen Museum of Memories or are planning to come this weekend, here are some tips to start, extend and deepen those conversations.



Post-Show Resources

The Jed Foundation has helped us compile a list of information and resources around issues of mental health, suicide and loss.


Come early and share your own memories before the show. Stay late for a Talk-Back after every performance.

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Artwork by Katie Diamond