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Graphic with text, Speak Up, Act Out: Inspired by The Lorraine Hansberry Initiative, with a portrait of Lorraine Hansberry

Lorraine Hansberry Initiative Partnership

New Victory partnered with the Lorraine Hansberry Initiative to honor Lorraine’s legacy and inspire a new generation of artists and activists.

Inspired by and in partnership with the Lorraine Hansberry Initiative created by The Lillys, New Victory has developed a series of education resources and curricula to accompany the nationwide tour of Alison Saar’s sculpture, To Sit Awhile. Like the sculpture, which invites the public to sit and think with Lorraine, the resources created by New Victory Education invite individuals and educators to explore writing, activism and radical thinking with activities and exercises inspired by Lorraine Hansberry’s creative work and activism.

Words matter, and young people should be encouraged to express themselves as freely as possible, just as Lorraine did.

Julia Jordan, Executive Director of The Lillys

Artistic, colorful collage featuring quilt patterns, a photo of paintbrushes, writing, clouds, among other images.

Education Resources inspired by Lorraine Hansberry

Access materials created by New Victory Education for free or license them for distribution.*
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A young girl in front of a wall of pictures introduces her writing.

“Celebrating Student Voices” Showcase

NYC actors perform monologues written by New York City students in this virtual showcase presented in partnership with The 24 Hour Plays and The Lillys!

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