We put good stuff on stage.
Kids (and the adults that bring them) deserve theatrical stories and experiences that spark the imagination and broaden our understanding of the world and our place in it. We scour the globe, traveling near and far to find performances that excite us, move us and reveal us to ourselves, shedding light on our complexities and the variety of our hopes, fears and dreams. New Victory shows celebrate that, in all our diversity, we share certain human truths.

We break down barriers.
At the heart of the New Victory philosophy is a commitment to arts access. All people of New York City, the most diverse city in the world, deserve to experience the kind of magic that only live performance can deliver. From the performers on stage to the artists in our new-work development programs, to the ushers and apprentices in our job training programs, the New Victory community represents people from different cultures, different abilities and different backgrounds, reflecting and serving the many different individuals who make up our audiences.

We have a lot of fun.
Every visit to the New Vic is accompanied by a range of arts engagement opportunities designed for kids, classmates and families to play, try and create together. From our pre- and post-show events to our skills-based workshops and downloadable family activities, we encourage families to learn new skills and deepen their relationships with the arts and each other. In New York City schools, our Teaching Artists foster students' creativity and dialogue, equipping them with new tools for learning in all disciplines. In all New Victory engagement, we seek to provide experiences that push boundaries, encourage global thinking and provide lasting memories.

New Victory Arts Award
Presented to a person or organization whose concern for the well-being of children is matched by their belief that the arts and arts education stimulate imagination and creativity, The New Victory Arts Award has been presented to beloved actor, clown and comedian Bill Irwin; President of the Jim Henson Foundation, Cheryl Henson; the Australia Council for the Arts; entertainment leader Michael D. Eisner; acclaimed actor, musician, singer and author John Lithgow; and President of The New 42nd Street, Cora Cahan.