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July 14, 2015

Summer Field Guide '15: Issue 2

It's summertime, and here at The New Victory we're busy getting ready for our upcoming season. All summer long, we're offering fun Summer Field Guides for you to celebrate being a kid in New York. Get inspired by the activities below and start getting in the mood for the shows to come!

Puck silhouetted against the MoonIn this issue, we celebrate Pandemonium Day on July 14th.

July 14th – Pandemonium Day

Who is Puck? Why, he's the knavish sprite and friend of fairies who makes mischief in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. July 14th is a holiday after Puck's own heart: Pandemonium Day! Here are some cheeky games to amuse you and befuddle those you love.

Silly Love Poem Mad Lib

Puck's silhouette peeking out from behind a treeIn A Midsummer Night's Dream, Puck plays tricks on people in love. Foil Cupid as Puck might—fill out this silly Mad Lib love poem and recite it to your dearest of dears.

(1) Your favorite food
(2) Adjective used to describe your favorite food
(3) Adverb, ending in -ly
(4) Your favorite animal
(5) Action verb, ending in -ing
(6) Your favorite song title
(7) Your favorite vacation spot
(8) Superlative adjective, ending in -est
(9) A building material
(10) Superlative adjective, ending in -est
(11) A dessert, different from (1)

Click to show the Mad Lib.

Peculiar Pairings
Odd combination of clothes
Surprise your family with a strange snack. Draw a line between the foods you think would make the most intriguing combination, and then convince others of your culinary genius. Pickles and popcorn? Delicious!
Jellybeans Pears
Toast Popcorn
Pickles Cream cheese
Bananas Peanut butter
Cereal Craisins

Once you’ve proven your epicurean expertise, try promoting your pairing to passersby! Lemonade stands are so passé.

Wacky Wardrobe

When you get dressed in the morning, mix and un-match! Wear stripes with polka dots, plaids with prints and unmatched socks, or shake up the seasons with mittens and a bathing suit. This is New York—avant-garde is always en vogue!

Once you're dressed to impress, get out there and turn some heads. And be sure to share your eccentric ensemble with us on Instagram @NewVictoryTheater, or on Twitter @NewVictory. #Pandemonium

Save the date! Later this year, in October and November, Cape Town's Isango Ensemble presents its South Africa-inspired rendition of Benjamin Britten's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM at the New Vic. Join us!
Posted by Zack Ramadan
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