Meet past and present New Victory LabWorks Artists creating adventuresome new work for young audiences and learn more about their projects below.

2018-19 New Victory LabWorks Artists
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Bluelaces Theater Company
Bluelaces Theater Company, known for creating welcoming environments that encourage sensory and social play and challenge theatrical conventions, builds an immersive, multi-sensory "pirate on the seven seas" adventure for young people with developmental differences.

Breton Follies
Breton Follies, New York City's on-the-rise immersive dance theater company and incubator for in-house choreographer Breton Tyner-Bryan, debunks stereotypes based on gender and celebrates the female form in a comedic cabaret for children told through animalistic characters and rooted in classical ballet and Latin rhythms.

Faye Chiao and Anton Dudley
Faye Chiao, composer of opera and musical theater (To See the Stars, 2017 OPERA America Female Composer Discovery Award), and Anton Dudley (Letters to the End of the World, 2012 Lambda Literary Award Finalist) blend contemporary storytelling with classical forms to build the musical universe of Baba Yaga and the Firebird.

Max Darwin and Alexander Dinelaris Jr.
Actor and magician Max Darwin (The Amazing Max and Academy Award-winner Alexander Dinelaris Jr. (Birdman) team up to play with interactive storytelling and magic in Something in this World, as they tell the story of a solitary, imaginative boy and his search for connection.

Molly Powers Gallagher
Molly Powers Gallagher creates The Living History Project, an empowering and immersive new play that aims to rewrite history and bring to life the untold stories of five female change-makers and innovators.

Hit the Lights! Theater Co.
Hit the Lights! Theater Co. employ their signature cinematic style of shadow puppetry and live silhouette acting to animate the story of a Horse and its Tail who’ve been separated, and their journey to find each other once again in HORSETALE.

How to Break
Hip-hop playwright Aaron Jafferis, alt folk songwriter Rebecca Hart, beatboxer Yako 440 and the Mixing Texts Collective, featuring breakdancing pioneers Gabriel "Kwikstep" Dionisio and Ana "Rokafella" Garcia (Victory Dance 2014 & Soular Power'd, New Victory 2002-03) use the four elements of hip-hop to reveal the hidden strengths of vulnerability in How to Break, a compelling take on the layered experience of illness.

Nambi E. Kelley
Nambi E. Kelley leads audiences on an exciting watercolor adventure in Jabari Dreams of Freedom, where a young African-American boy learns lessons of history and the power of imaginary time travel as he finds hope and courage in visual art, befriending a 7-year old Barack Obama along the way.

Valerie Clayman Pye & Spellbound Theatre
Valerie Clayman Pye, along with Spellbound Theatre (The World Inside Me, two-time Henson Foundation Family Grant recipients and winner of AATE’s 2017 Zeta Phi Eta-Winifred Ward Outstanding New Children’s Theatre Company Award), New York’s only theater company creating work exclusively for ages 0-5, connects multimedia and Shakespeare’s lyrical text to form a visual, celestial realm in Shakespeare’s Stars.

Preeti Vasudevan's Thresh
Preeti Vasudevan and her dance company Thresh, Inc. (Victory Dance 2017) fuse Southern Indian dance and Western music in Drumming a Dream, a fun-filled folktale adventure about a young girl and her travels with a magical talking drum.

AchesonWalsh Studios; Kate Douglas; Kaneza Schaal and Christopher Myers all continue development of their work in the 2018-19 season.

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2017-18 New Victory LabWorks Artists
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AchesonWalsh Studios; beat piece; Christopher Anselmo and Jared Corak; Howie D, Tor Hyams, Lisa Rothauser, Matte O'Brien and Tate Theatrics; Kaneza Schaal and Christopher Myers; Kate Douglas; Louisa Thompson and Modesto "Flako" Jimenez; Marisol Rosa-Shapiro and Soledad Ensemble; Phantom Limb Company; Saskia Lane and Stephanie Fleischmann in collaboration with Julian Crouch and Melissa Kievman

2016-17 New Victory LabWorks Artists
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Andrew Gerle; Blessed Unrest; Chad Beckim; Drew Petersen; Kathleen Doyle; Louisa Thompson; Maaa Theater; Only Child Aerial Theatre; Puppet Kitchen Productions; Spellbound Theatre; Tim Kubart and Mario "The Magician" Marchese; Zachary Fine

2015-16 New Victory LabWorks Artists
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Eco-Poets; Fiasco Theater; Jason Gray Platt and Mikhael Tara Garver; Superhero Clubhouse and Nate Weida; The Village of Vale; Underbelly; Urban Stages/Liz Parker, Rachel Sullivan and Spica Wobbe

2014-15 New Victory LabWorks Artists
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Acrobuffos; A.R.T./Lila Rose Kaplan, Mike Pettry and Allegra Libonati; CollaborationTown; Dead Puppet Society; Elska; Full Circle Souljahs; James Ortiz; Spellbound Theatre; Taylor Mac; The Civilians

2013-14 New Victory LabWorks Artists
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Fiasco Theater; Julian Crouch and Saskia Lane; Parallel Exit; Paper Canoe Company; The Object Group with Erwin Maas

2012-13 New Victory LabWorks Artist
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Trusty Sidekick Theater Company