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  • New York City's oldest operating theater is undergoing its biggest renovation in 21 years!
    A note from our President, below:

    Dear Friends,

    At The New 42nd Street and The New Victory Theater, we frequently speak about transformation. Sometimes we mean the work we have done on our block with the seven historic theaters we are responsible for, and at other times we are referring to the work on the New Vic stage. But this summer, we embark on a brand-new kind of transformation.

    Next season, The New Victory Theater will look and feel quite different than it does today. The lobbies will be re-imagined and enlivened as dynamic, interactive programming spaces that reflect the spirit of the Theater and the energy and creativity of the performances on its stage. These plans have been underway for years now, and we finally raised the funds necessary to completely revamp and re-invent them. 

    The New Vic is recognized for breaking new ground, but this time I mean it quite literally. We look forward to welcoming you to a new New Victory in the fall.

    Warmest regards,

    Cora Cahan

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Journalists on assignment for performances at The New Victory Theater should contact the public relations office to request show information or press tickets. We will do our best to fulfill all requests, but please note that press tickets are limited. For assistance with all other ticketing needs, visit the Box Office & Visitor Info section.

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