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MonthApril 2024

New Victory Arts Break: Devise a Show!

From costumes to monologues, play with different storytelling elements in Arts Break activities designed to help you create an original show!

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I’mPossible: Inclusivity in Circus Performing

New Victory Theater is diving into the joy of the most inclusive circus on earth with Omnium Circus’ show I’mPossible.

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The Story of Omnium Circus: Making the Impossible—Possible

Omnium Circus founder Lisa Lewis discusses the history of disability in circus arts and how I’mPossible is championing inclusion.

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New Victory Arts Break: I’mPossible

Practice a few circus tricks and learn how theater can be made accessible to everyone in activities inspired by Omnium Circus’ I’mPossible.

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African Elephant Fun Facts and More Ahead of Aanika’s Elephants

Dive into African elephant fun facts and more before seeing your show at the New Victory Theater.

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