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MonthMay 2021

New Victory Arts Break: Play like nicHi douglas

Last week, we saw how New Victory LabWorks Artist nicHi douglas and her collaborators use play as a source of inspiration for their project Mimi and Rita’s Magic (Half) Hour. This week, we’ll play with those same inspirations and explore fun ways to create and inhabit characters through movement. We’ll also meet mover and choreographer Christoper Rudd, another of this season’s LabWorks Artists.

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New Victory Arts Break: Create with nicHi douglas

Last week, we met New Victory LabWorks Artist nicHi douglas and discovered some of the things that inspire her theatermaking, from cartoons to neighborhood bookstores. This week, we’ll explore all the choices artists get to make during the creative process, first with a closer look at nicHi’s process, and then with some activities that cast you as choicemaker-in-chief!

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New Victory Arts Break: Discover with nicHi douglas

Let’s continue visiting some of our favorite artists creating theater for young people—the artists of New Victory LabWorks! Over the next four weeks, we’ll be exploring the inspirations and artistic processes of playwright, choreographer and lover of cartoons, nicHi douglas!

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New Victory Arts Break: Connect to ChelseaDee Harrison

From finding inspiration outdoors and in books to building creative spaces at home, we’ve spent the last few weeks exploring the artistry of New Victory LabWorks Artist ChelseaDee Harrison—theater-maker, storyteller and podcaster! This week, we’ll wrap up our exploration of ChelseaDee’s auditory storytelling with some interview-based activities and then practice getting into character.

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