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TagArts Break: Europe

New Victory Arts Break: Europe – Connect

In this week’s “Connect” New Victory Arts Break, we want to make a special art piece to dedicate to someone we love and give them the gift of performance.

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New Victory Arts Break: Europe – Play

Time to take your theater skills to the next level with a pop of personalization: puppetry and parading!

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New Victory Arts Break: Europe – Create

Let’s look closer at Oily Cart’s work and their ongoing mission to make theater more inclusive with their fun new show, Doorstep Jamboree. We will see their work and create a personalized jamboree look inspired by our favorite textures, smells and feelings!

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New Victory Arts Break: Europe – Discover

As we explore Europe, you might recognize some companies from their time at the New Victory. Let’s discover what these artists have been dreaming up this year, and check out some of the cool stuff they have available for you to see, explore and play with online!

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