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My Favorite Moments as a New 42 Youth Corps Usher: Part 2

New 42 Youth Corps members talk about their experience at the New Victory Theater and their time ushering 360 ALLSTARS.

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My Favorite Moments As A New 42 Youth Corps Usher: Part 1

We’re putting the spotlight on the ushers and getting their thoughts on what it’s like to go through this workforce development program!

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New Victory Usher Spotlight: A High School Student’s Experience In New Victory Usher Corps Program

New Victory Usher Corps member Sarah Vargas talks about her experience ushering at the New Victory and what she is looking forward to after graduation

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College Corps Usher Spotlight: A Theater Usher’s Experience Anticipating A Show

College Corps Usher Jaden Ricci talked about anticipating our holiday show Tulu and what it’s like to be an Usher at the New Victory Theater.

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