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Lorraine Hansberry Education Resources

Get inspired by Lorraine Hansberry with free curricula and activities!

As part of the 2021-22 partnership with the Lorraine Hansberry Initiative created by The Lillys, New Victory Education developed a set of education resources and curriculum providing context on Lorraine Hansberry’s creative and dramatic writing, journalism and activism, as well as tip sheets and activities to encourage creative writing.

To access the resources, please read and agree to the following terms of use.

Please be advised that the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of New Victory School Tool Resource Guides for any purpose other than educational, such as for commercial or monetary gain, may be considered copyright infringement and may be punishable by law. For more information, please contact the New Victory Education Department.

Speak Up, Act Out: Inspired by The Lorraine Hansberry Initiative

Inquire About Licensing

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