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MonthDecember 2019

LabWorks Artist Spotlight: ChelseaDee Harrison

ChelseaDee first fell in love with theater when she was a kid. Now, she gets to create work for young audiences with New Victory LabWorks!

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Staying Strong in the New Year with 42FT

Learn some easy ways to get strong in the New Year with Cirque Mechanics’ resident Strongman Battulga “Tulga” Battogtokhis!

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CARTOGRAPHY Family Activity

Learn about objects that connect your family to the idea of home, watch a video to prepare yourself for the content of the show and tell your own story!

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LabWorks Artist Spotlight: Laura Galindo

Laura Galindo can’t wait to create her own new work for young audiences. Get to know Laura, her project and her creative process!

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Third-Year Usher Spotlight: Maria Tlapanco

Get to know Maria Tlapanco from Brooklyn and learn about her time as an Usherat the New Victory!

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Because I Say So Family Activity

In this Family Activity, warm up for a dance party, learn some choreography and imagine a day where adults follow kids’ rules.

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42 Circus Facts for 42FT

We’ve got your circus celebs, juggle jargon and historical info right here. In honor of Cirque Mechanics’ 42FT, we present you with 42 fun circus facts!

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