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New Victory Arts Break: Creating with LabWorks Artists Connect to ChelseaDee Harrison

New Victory Arts Break: Connect to ChelseaDee Harrison

From finding inspiration outdoors and in books to building creative spaces at home, we’ve spent the last few weeks exploring the artistry of New Victory LabWorks Artist ChelseaDee Harrison—theater-maker, storyteller and podcaster! This week, we’ll wrap up our exploration of ChelseaDee’s auditory storytelling with some interview-based activities and then practice getting into character.

New Victory Arts Break North America Connect

New Victory Arts Break: North America – Connect

We’ve spent the last three weeks exploring the arts in North America, learning about the rich traditions of stepping and ring shout as well as some homegrown music and dance from Washington, D.C. To wrap up our time in North America, we’ll return to the ring shout tradition and explore how the arts can propel us toward the kind of futures we want to have.

New Victory Arts Break: Africa – Connect

We’ve spent the last few weeks exploring the arts in Africa, learning about musical instruments, opera and ensemble storytelling. As we end our visit to the African continent this week, we’ll experiment with transforming the art forms we see in our communities into exciting new performances.