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TagArts Break: Jabari Dreams of Freedom

New Victory Arts Break: Musical Creations

Build a body-percussion beat and pen your own protest song in this New Victory Arts Break inspired by Jabari Dreams of Freedom.

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New Victory Arts Break: Get into Character

What do you stand for? Dress up and perform as your favorite historical heroes, and then dream up your own hero to tackle today’s challenges.

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Speak Up, Act Out: Celebrating Juneteenth

Last year, we honored and celebrated Juneteenth as part of a week-long Arts Break. This year we’re combining celebration and activism with more activities from New Victory Teaching Artists that call each of us to harness our creativity in commemoration of the past and in service of the ongoing fight for equity and liberation.

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New Victory Arts Break: Play like ChelseaDee Harrison

Last week, we explored how New Victory LabWorks Artist ChelseaDee Harrison has been creating work from home. This week, we’ll play with some creative practices inspired by ChelseaDee’s process, and we’ll also meet another of this season’s LabWorks Artists—Nambi E. Kelley.

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New Victory Arts Break: Discover with ChelseaDee Harrison

For the next two months, we’ll be getting a glimpse into the creative homes and processes of this season’s cohort of LabWorks Artists, starting with sonic dramatist ChelseaDee Harrison. Along the way, we’ll check in with some LabWorks alumni and play alongside New Victory Ushers and Teaching Artists. Ready?

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New Victory Arts Break — Honoring & Celebrating Juneteenth

We turn to the arts to celebrate Juneteenth together as a way to educate, communicate and activate ourselves towards equality, liberation and justice.

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New Victory Arts Break – Playmaking Week

It’s Playmaking Week! By the end of this week, you’ll have everything you need to write and perform your very own scenes and short plays.

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