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With New Victory as your guide, travel to a new continent every month to visit the international artists who have appeared on our stage, and see what creativity, culture and community look like where they live. Designed for every kind of educator (parents included), New Victory Arts Break invites you to explore a world of arts wherever you are!

New Victory Arts Break: North America – Connect

We’ve spent the last three weeks exploring the arts in North America, learning about the rich traditions of stepping and ring shout as well as some homegrown music and dance from Washington, D.C. To wrap up our time in North America, we’ll return to the ring shout tradition and explore how the arts can propel us toward the kind of futures we want to have.

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New Victory Arts Break: North America – Play

It’s time to play! Last week, we got a peek into Step Afrika!’s rehearsal process. As we continue exploring the arts in North America this week, we’ll return to Washington, D.C. and start moving to some familiar rhythms. Get ready to step, clap and beat your feet—let’s go go-go!

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New Victory Arts Break: North America – Create

Last week, we met Ronnique from Step Afrika! and explored her community in Washington, D.C. This week, we’ll take a closer look at what inspires Ronnique to create dance as a choreographer and Step Afrika! company member, before creating some dances and rhythms of our own.

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New Victory Arts Break: North America – Discover

This season, we’ve visited artists all around the world, getting a glimpse of where they live and how they create work. Now it’s time to return to our home continent of North America and check in with some artists who have performed on the New Victory stage, including Step Afrika! in Washington, D.C.

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New Victory Arts Break: Africa – Connect

We’ve spent the last few weeks exploring the arts in Africa, learning about musical instruments, opera and ensemble storytelling. As we end our visit to the African continent this week, we’ll experiment with transforming the art forms we see in our communities into exciting new performances.

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New Victory Arts Break: Africa – Play

This week is all about play—playing with music, that is! Inspired by the musical stylings and operatic adaptations of Isango Ensemble, let’s have some fun learning how to warm up our voices, start an opera club and retell our favorite stories through song.

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New Victory Arts Break: Africa – Discover

It is time to head to Africa! This season, we’re visiting artists from all around the world to get to know their art forms and their homes! As we explore the continent of Africa, you might remember a few theater troupes from their performances at New Victory. Let’s learn about some awesome companies and then learn a bit about Africa and its rich cultures.

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New Victory Arts Break: Asia – Connect

To close out our Asia journey, we will work on creating character through costumes, makeup and personality to get performance ready. What do you get when you put a fun persona, magical tricks, comedic timing and a glam look all together? Voila! A successful magic show!

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New Victory Arts Break: Asia – Play

Welcome to Play Week of our Asia adventure! We are going to have some fun honing our performance and magic skills, making sure to add in just a teeny bit of silliness. As we continue to practice our magic tricks and magician personas, we are on our way to being bonafide magicians!

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New Victory Arts Break: Asia – Create

Welcome to Create Week as we continue on our trip through Asia. This week, let’s look closer at GRUEJARM’s work as performers and their art form of magic, as well as dip our toes into a bit of magic ourselves.

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