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TagExplore a World of Arts

With New Victory as your guide, travel to a new continent every month to visit the international artists who have appeared on our stage, and see what creativity, culture and community look like where they live. Designed for every kind of educator (parents included), New Victory Arts Break invites you to explore a world of arts wherever you are!

New Victory Arts Break: Australia – Play

In this week’s New Victory Arts Break, get ready to remember, create and play with different universes without even leaving your home!

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New Victory Arts Break: Australia – Create

This week, we visit Slingsby’s “Hall of Possibility” to learn how they make theater, and then we’ll make our own shadow adventure story.

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New Victory Arts Break: Australia – Discover

All season long, we will be visiting a continent every four weeks and a few of our many artistic friends who are based there. First up is Australia!

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Build Your New Victory Notebook

Create your very own New Victory Notebook to track your discoveries, respond to activities and document your adventures as you journey through New Victory Arts Break: Explore a World of Arts!

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