Build Your New Victory Notebook

This season, New Victory Arts Break will introduce audiences to some of our favorite artists around the world—and here at home—to help kids discover different cultures, art forms and human experiences.

During your journey through New Victory Arts Break, you will want your very own notebook to track your discoveries, respond to activities and document your adventures! This could be a notebook you have lying around or even some loose paper that you can collect and put together.

Several colorful New Victory Notebooks decorated with stickers on a yellow background.


Any notebook you have! Any size, any color, any shape. Markers, pens and any other decorative items you want to add to make this notebook special.

Sheets of limited edition, intentional-inspired stickers

Want to add an extra layer of New Victory flair?

Take your notebook to the next level with FREE international-inspired New Victory Arts Break stickers, available for a limited time only.* Request yours today and get decorating!

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How to Make Your Notebook:

  1. Decorate it!

    Go all out on the outside and the inside. Use anything that you have (and your imagination, of course). Stickers! Glitter! Colors! Fun pictures! Be sure to add your name somewhere, and leave room on the cover of the notebook for your title.

  2. Give it a title!

    Write your title on the cover of your notebook to complete your decoration.

    A few examples are:• Mia’s Super Fun Arts Break Adventure with New Victory!
    • Travel Journal
    • Around the World with Mia!
    • 2020-21 New Victory Theater Adventures!

  3. Write your first entry!

    Make your first journal entry of the season by writing a cool introduction to…you! Draw a picture of yourself or tape one that you have handy. Add in three fun facts about you.

    Maybe your:
    Favorite color
    Favorite things to do
    Special skills
    Favorite New Victory show

    Decorate the page with anything that feels like you!


Start to Fill Your Notebook!

Once you’ve built your New Victory Notebook, start filling it with your creativity!

Here are a few activities to get you started:

As your journey continues with New Victory Arts Break, look out for prompts that you’ll need your notebook to complete! Feel free to note and draw anything you find inspiring along the way. No rules—just a place to create. Have fun!