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LabWorks Artist Spotlight: ChelseaDee Harrison

ChelseaDee first fell in love with theater when she was a kid. Now, she gets to create work for young audiences with New Victory LabWorks!

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LabWorks Artist Spotlight: Laura Galindo

Laura Galindo can’t wait to create her own new work for young audiences. Get to know Laura, her project and her creative process!

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LabWorks Artist Spotlight: Jess Kaufman

Throughout the season, we’re highlighting the talented artists who make up New Victory LabWorks. Next up is Jess Kaufman!

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LabWorks Artist Spotlight: Sarah Dahnke

Learn more about LabWorks artist Sarah Dahnke, her exciting project To Grow a Pomegranate and what first made her fall in love with theater.

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A Word About Age Recommendations

We want to make sure theatergoers of all ages have as much fun choosing their shows as we do in bringing them to our stages.

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A Day in the Life of a Research Teaching Artist

For the past five years, I’ve collaborated with The New Victory Theater as a “Research Teaching Artist.” Let me walk you through a normal day.

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Arts Education in the Community

Being a TA, I travel the city hoping to provide a range of experiences that mirror the formative and meaningful experiences of my own youth.

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Courtney J. Boddie on Theater for Young Audiences

In the September of 2017, NYU Steinhardt’s Educational Theatre Program hosted a roundtable event to explore theater for young audiences in today’s world.

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The Impact of Investing in Human Capital

This unconventional investment in human capital has turned out to be beneficial to the research and to my own professional development.

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The Impact of Re-thinking Research and Practice

Increasingly, arts and cultural organizations are asked whether they contribute to the greater good. Answering that question is rarely simple, particularly at a time when public and private funders alike press organizations to prove that something they did actually caused the change that they would like to claim.

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