Flashing Back with 360 ALLSTARS

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That’s right—360 ALLSTARS is back! A new dream team of sensational champs has debuted on the New Victory stage, ten years after their U.S. premiere on the very same stage. A show featuring breakdancing, extreme sports and more, 360 ALLSTARS is sure to spike your adrenaline!

Headshot of Gene Peterson

Creating the show was like being a kid in a candy store and dreaming as big as possible. How many different types of awesome can I get on one stage? Let’s find them.
—Gene Peterson, Director

Two BMX flatlanders from 360 ALLSTARS, a 2014 cast member on the left and a 2024 cast member on the right.
360 ALLSTARS‘ BMX riders Peter Söre (2014) and Heru Anwari (2024)
Photos: Onyx Productions, Darren Thomas

New Victory Artistic Director Mary Rose Lloyd recalls being introduced to 360 ALLSTARS prior to their first appearance in the 2014-15 season: “I saw them at an international arts festival and invited them [to perform at the New Victory]. The cast is a lot of fun to hang out with, and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious.” When asked why she invited them back ten years later, it was simple: “The show is as fresh today as it was back then, and I want a new generation of audiences to discover them!”

Peterson, who is also a drummer in the show, is grateful for the opportunity to return to the New Victory stage, especially with a new team of artists and athletes. “It’s something we’ve been extremely proud of ever since the last season ten years ago. And particularly for myself, as an artist who was here ten years ago, to be sharing this experience with an entirely new team, seeing their excitement to do this for the first time, it’s a feather in all of their caps now too. It’s been quite a special experience,” he said.

The 2014 cast of 360 ALLSTARS lined up horizontally at the front of the stage, with each cast member under a spotlight.
The cast of 360 ALLSTARS in 2014
Photo: Onyx Productions

If you missed out on seeing this exciting physical theater performance ten years ago, don’t worry! Peterson is confident that the show is as incredible as it was when they first visited the New Victory in 2014: “We’ve just tweaked, honed and evolved the show. We’ve performed more than 2,000 performances since we were here last, and we’ve made a couple of tiny changes after every show. We are very hopeful that the audience is experiencing a production that is at a whole other level.”

360 ALLSTARS continues to spotlight world record holders in freestyle basketball, BMX riding, breakdancing, acrobatics and more. The show is backed by a pulse-pumping, live-looped soundtrack built by Peterson and Mirrah, the show’s International Mistress of Ceremonies, during each performance. “The joy people see the team having on stage with each other is genuine and contagious. That’s why this show is so much fun to watch, because we’re genuinely having the best time up there, and people have the best time with us,” Peterson said.

Photos of 2024 cast members Mirrah (left) in front of her DJ booth with her hands up and Gene Peterson (right) standing at his drum kit.
International Mistress of Ceremonies Mirrah and Gene Peterson in 360 ALLSTARS (2024) Photo: Darren Thomas

You can catch 360 ALLSTARS, playing at the New Victory Theater through March 3, 2024. To learn more about the cast of 360 ALLSTARS performing for New Victory audiences this season, check out our Q&A with the cast. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for even more behind-the-scenes content.

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