Meet the 360 ALLSTARS team

Back for their 10th anniversary at the New Victory Theater, 360 Allstars combines street culture and physical performance in an exciting show for kids and families!* 360 Allstars features a team of world-record-holding champs from all over the globe. The team behind 360 Allstars put mind-blowing feats at the center of their pulse-pumping show, including breakdancing moves, b-boy battles, BMX bike riding, basketball tricks and so much more! 

*(Check out our age recommendations here!)

The New Victory Theater asked the physical performance champs to give advice to kids who want to nourish their unique talent. 

Below you’ll find answers from Heru Anwari (BMX Flatlander), Kid Colombia (Breakdancer), Mirrah (MC/Vocalist), B-Boy Sette (Breakdancer) and Daniel Price (Cyr Wheel artist).  Purple line

What’s your advice for kids who have a unique talent like yours?

Heru Anwari (3x Australian BMX Flatlander) Photo of Heru Anwari
Photo by Darren Thomas

Heru is a 3x Australian BMX Flatlander champ! Heru started BMX bike riding back in 2004 and chose flatlanding specifically in 2007.

Heru’s advice: Find what hobbies you like, and staying consistent is the key to your success. Passion is hard or happy; everything feels beautiful.

Kid Colombia (International Champion Breakdancer) Kid Colombia Breakdance PhotoWith effortless power-moves and explosive acrobatics, Kid Colombia is known worldwide for his breakdancing moves. Kid has won battle after battle in many countries including Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria and India.

Kid Colombia’s advice: Talent is nothing if you don’t have discipline

Mirrah (International Mistress of Ceremonies)Mirrah headshot

Mirrah has experience tackling breakdancing moves (as a b-girl!) and writing poetry. In 360 Allstars, she brings her stage presence front and center. During the show, you can find her mic in hand, pumping up the energy of the show as MC.

Mirrah’s advice: Try everything and enjoy the process and journey with patience.

Daniel Price (Internationally Acclaimed Roue Cyr Artist) Cyr Wheel Artist Daniel Price

Daniel Price is a world-renowned performing artist known for his power, speed and mastery of the Cyr wheel. Daniel has toured with Cats, Cirque Du Soleil and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and makes his triumphant return to 360 Allstars.

Daniel’s advice: Follow your dreams, work hard and never give up!

B-Boy Sette (International Champion Breakdancer)B-boy Sette posing

B-Boy Sette is an international champion breakdancer known for his breakdancing moves. He has been dancing for 20 years and is also a member of three-time Australian B-boy Champion crew Wicked Force.

B-Boy Sette’s advice: My advice would be to complete your 10,000 hours of practice. Enjoy working hard at something you love and enjoy giving it to others and inspiring others to fully express themselves. Check out these acts inspired by street culture and other performers in the show, including Gene Peterson (Director/Drummer) and Pafo (Basketball Freestyler).

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