How Grand Soft Day Celebrates The Seasons

"How Grand Soft Day Celebrates The Seasons" blog header

From cozy winter nights to sun-soaked summers, every season is full of whimsical rituals that embrace the year’s changing weather. As you embark on an adventure through the seasons in Grand Soft Day at New 42 Studios, discover how the cast (Helen Gregg, Jonathan Gunning, Greg Hall and Linda Scaramella) likes to celebrate winter, spring, summer and fall! Hopefully, they can spark some ideas of activities you and your family can plan for next time the season rolls around.

"Winter" header

Helen: Stay in with a good book.
Jonathan: Stomp around the muddy woods with my scruffy dog, Nori.
Greg: Sit beside a cozy fire.
Linda: Have a latte at a coffee shop while listening to jazz.

"Spring" Header
Helen: Go to Paris!
Jonathan: Plant a lot of seeds and bicycle in the mountains.
Greg: Plant some flowers in the garden.
Linda: Watch the trees blossom.

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Helen: Swim in the sea.
Jonathan: Eat lots and lots of fruit outdoors.
Greg: Lie on a nice sandy beach.
Linda: Have a BBQ.

"Fall" header
Helen: Knit myself (or someone else) a woolly jumper.
Jonathan: Harvest apples, pumpkins and the last of the tomatoes.
Greg: Go for a walk in the forest.
Linda: Crunch through leaves on an autumnal walk.

Cast of Grand Soft Day on stage

You can catch Grand Soft Day, playing at New 42 Studios through January 21. For more inspiration of activities to do in the different seasons, check out our Arts Break!

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