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Classroom Workshops and Residencies

Create, watch, reflect and connect

Classroom Workshops are designed by New Victory® Education to engage students as artists and actively explore a variety of topics, art forms and themes. Pre- and post-show workshops are available for classes attending in-person or virtual performances. These workshops enhance students’ experience of the show, bridging the gap between audience and arts engagement. Arts-based workshops that are not tied to a show experience are also available

All New Victory Education Partners can book unlimited Classroom Workshops throughout the year. For deeper engagement, 5, 10 and 15 session residencies are available.

Classroom Workshop FAQs

How many students can participate?

The maximum number of students we can work with in a single workshop is 35. Schools should not combine classes when booking workshops. Please book multiple workshops if you have more than one class participating.

How long is a Classroom Workshop?

Workshops are 45 to 60 minutes.

Where do they take place?

Workshops are available virtually or in-person at your school.

Teachers must be present regardless of where the workshop takes place and are highly encouraged to participate in addition to assisting with the technical aspects of the workshop.

Digital Workshops

Online Workshops are available all year and can take place on any digital platform used by your school (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). Schools must set up and host the online meeting and send meeting details to the Teaching Artists prior to the workshop date.

Onsite Workshops

In-person, onsite workshops take place at your school or site. These workshops are ideally held in a classroom, gymnasium or auditorium that will allow the students to move safely in the space and accommodate full participation. Schools must adhere to New Victory Classroom Workshop Covid-19 safety protocols for in-person workshops.*

Do I need to supply anything?

The teaching team will bring any necessary materials. However, the use of a smartboard, chart paper and markers or other common classroom supplies may be useful. Teaching Artists may also ask students to use their own pen/pencil and paper for some activities. We will communicate additional requests in a workshop confirmation email.

For digital platforms, Teaching Artists will need permission to screen/audio share.

What are the Safety Guidelines for in-person workshops?

  • All New Victory Teaching Artists are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and must be tested weekly for Covid-19 when doing in-school work.
  • Teaching Artists will complete a NYCDOE health screen form before they enter a school and are required to adhere to any other school specific Covid-19 safety policies while on site.
  • All adults in the school MUST be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. This is already a requirement for NYCDOE public schools. Non-DOE schools must confirm that they have a vaccine requirement for all adults in order to book in-person Classroom Workshops.
  • For the safety of our Teaching Artists, who, through the nature of their work, come into contact with multiple school communities and populations throughout the week, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE students and classroom professionals to wear masks in classrooms when Teaching Artists are present. Per NYC DOE regulations, students aged 2-4 are REQUIRED to wear masks at all times.
  • All students and adults must maintain at least 3 feet of distance from Teaching Artists and others. Classroom professionals must enforce this rule in the classroom.
  • Schools must immediately contact New Victory and the assigned Teaching Artists if there is a positive Covid-19 case (student or teacher) in a classroom where a Classroom Workshop is scheduled to occur in the next 7 days and the workshop will be rescheduled. Schools must also immediately contact Teaching Artists and New Victory if there is a positive Covid-19 case (student or teacher) in a classroom where a Classroom Workshop occurred in the previous 1-7 days so that appropriate action can be taken for contact tracing and quarantining.
  • If these Covid-19 Safety protocols or policies are not being followed by the school or if New Victory Teaching Artists feel unsafe for any reason, they are authorized to end the workshop immediately and leave the school.
  • New Victory Education staff will monitor case numbers and ventilation status of schools. New Victory Education reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any in-person workshops based on this data.

How can I book a Classroom Workshop?

Links to book pre- and post-show workshops can by found on each production’s webpage, as well as in the Education Resource Unit. Arts-based workshops are available to book from the related Resource Unit.

All Classroom Workshops are subject to availability.

Please note: a travel expense fee may apply to schools outside the five boroughs.

How much does a workshop cost?

Classroom Workshops are free for registered New Victory Education Partners.

New Victory School Residencies

5,10 or 15 session residencies are available to schools interested in an extended workshop series. Residencies are customized to each classroom. A planning meeting with Classroom Teachers and Teaching Artists is required, as well as continued collaboration throughout the residency. Residency opportunities are limited and subject to availability.

If you are interested in learning more, please email

*New Victory is following guidance set forth from the CDC and NYS regarding workplace protocols for COVID and on-site workshops are dependent on guidance from NYCDOE and other school districts.

Want to know more?

To discuss classroom workshops and residency opportunities for your school email New Victory Education or call 646.223.3093. Residencies are subject to availability.

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Mask Requirement and Entry Protocols
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