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A New Victory Teaching Artist leads a group of teachers in a dance-focused Professional Development workshop.

Teacher Professional Development

Cultivate skills and strategies to incorporate the performing arts into lesson planning and teaching practices.

New Victory believes the performing arts are an invaluable resource in the classroom and provides professional development opportunities for educators working with Grades Pre-K – 12.

New Victory Education provides multiple opportunities for educators to grow professionally by exploring myriad art forms, including puppetry, circus, dance and theater. Participants gain practical strategies for performing art form-based teaching and learning through art making, skills building, reflection and discussion.

The room was full of moments of impact! It was great to be in the company and energy of theater artists who care about the quality of young people’s learning.

Teacher, Professional Learning Lab

In-School Teacher Professional Development

These participatory professional development workshops, open for any school, are held at school sites or online anytime during the school year. These practical Teaching Artist-led workshops are curated to meet each school’s needs and goals in the arts. Prices vary depending on the scope and scale of sessions.

For more information about in-school teacher professional development, email Christopher Totten, Assistant Director of Education / School Engagement, at