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Professional Learning Lab: Something's Gotta GIVE

February 9, 2024 at 4:30pm
Free for Education Partners
4:30 – 6:30pm ET
Virtual Event

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Week of February 5 – 11

About the Workshop

What could the future of education look like? More inclusive and more vibrant?

Investigate those questions and more in this virtual workshop, during which you’ll actively explore GIVE (TeachWithGIVE.org). GIVE is a free online library of resources that supports educators in centering inclusive practices in all learning spaces.

In this workshop, you’ll investigate a range of resources covering topics like integrating strategies to support students with and without disabilities and creating stigma-free classrooms. This workshop will be participant-centered, asking you to identify a challenge you’re experiencing in the classroom and leading you through the GIVE resources to find specific strategies to support your growth. The GIVE guide was created by New Victory in partnership with Arts Connection and Community Word Project.

To accommodate a larger group and due to the nature of its content, this workshop will take place virtually. A Zoom link will be sent to participants approximately 24 hours prior to the workshop.