A group of people on the ground watch a shadow puppet performance on a white screen, with a table full of puppetry materials to the left of the screen.

Family Workshop: Shadow Puppetry

March 8, 2025, at 12:30pm
Recommended Ages
For everyone 5 and up
All tickets $23*
Members save 25%
*Price includes service fees
12:30 – 2pm
The New Victory Theater 209 W 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

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Week of July 15 – 21

Dec 31

Wed, 7pm

About the Workshop

Light up your imagination! Play together as a family with puppets and lights as you learn the art of shadow puppetry.

After all, the show on stage is just one part of your family’s visit to the New Victory. With a Family Workshop, you can get in on the act yourself!

Guided by a New Victory Teaching Artist, you’ll learn new arts-based skills as a family in a small-group setting. This is your time to get creative, forge family memories and make new friends!

Please note: Everyone must have a workshop ticket to attend, and each family must have at least one adult participating. Due to space limitations, tickets must be purchased in advance.

Inspired by

A performer wears a headpiece that casts a shadow of a face looking to the right between other larger shadow puppets.

Song of the North

Playing March 15 – 23, 2025

Two adults and two kids sit on a colorful mat on the ground while touching their hands together.
Let's explore the ins and outs of Family Workshops!
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Everyone’s welcome at New Victory Family Workshops!

We strive to host inclusive events where all individuals can participate fully. To request an accommodation in advance, please contact Ticket Services at Ticket_Services@NewVictory.org or 646.223.3010.

For additional venue details, visit New Victory accessibility.