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Anansi the Spider Re-spun: On Demand

Unicorn Theatre and Illuminations
from London, England

Streaming through June 30, 2022
Recommended Ages
For ages 3 – 8
Rent for $15
What Kind of Show?
Theater; playful and enchanting; some folktale violence
40 minutes
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Captioned in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. Available to watch with sign interpretation or audio description.

About the Show

A trickster. A mischief maker. A lovable rogue. Meet Anansi the Spider, the cleverest of creatures and spinner of yarns! London’s Unicorn Theatre (The Velveteen Rabbit, New Victory 2016) brings classic West African and Caribbean tales to life in your home from theirs with Anansi the Spider Re-spun. Energetic and playful, three storytellers weave traditional tunes and inventive film editing into a web of folk story fun. For, after all, what good is all the wisdom of the world if we cannot share it?

Three West African and Caribbean folktales are spun into one inventive film.

Anansi the Spider Re-spun is a Unicorn Theatre (UK) and Illuminations Production
Created and directed by Justin Audibert

Did You Know?

  1. Folktales featuring the trickster character of Anansi have been told and retold for hundreds of years, extending from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas as enslaved Africans carried on their oral traditions.
  2. Made with their film partner, Illuminations, Unicorn Theatre’s Anansi the Spider Re-spun brings three folktales to the screen: Brother Anansi and Brother Snake, Anansi and the Two Dinners and Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom.
  3. Born in 1947 as the humble Mobile Theatre, which toured England by van, Unicorn Theatre carries on founder Caryl Jenner’s legacy of crafting thought-provoking theater for kids and families.

About the Company

Unicorn Theatre is the largest children’s theater in the U.K., specializing in producing new, innovative and ambitious productions for kids up to 13 years old. Creating theater with the values of curiosity, respect and courage, and working in partnership with schools and communities, they work to connect young people with hopeful stories that question and explore the world.

Sign Interpretation:
Sign interpretation provided by Hands On

Audio Description:
Audio description provided by VocalEyes