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Doodle POP: On Demand

BRUSH Theatre
from Seoul, South Korea

Streaming through June 30, 2022
Recommended Ages
For ages 3 – 7
Rent for $15
What Kind of Show?
Physical theater with music and foley; lighthearted and charming
55 minutes
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Captioned in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. Available to watch with sign interpretation or audio description.

About the Show

What do you see? What can it be? It’s giggles galore when Doodle POP makes magic with artful illustrations, silly scribbles and interactive animation. Accompanied by two musicians, a captivating clown duo from Seoul, South Korea, shows us we can go anywhere and do anything with a little bit of ink and a big imagination. Like cartoons come to life, Doodle POP  is a hilarious nonverbal visual treat.

A clowning duo doodles their way through an imagination-fueled, undersea adventure.

Did You Know?

  1. A largely non-verbal show, Doodle POP uses music and sound effects to add metaphorical color to the show’s black and white aesthetics.
  2. As they doodle on their whiteboards, Woogie and Boogie speak and write some Korean words. Listen for annyeong, which means hello, and geobugi, which means turtle!
  3. The live version of Doodle POP has been performed at festivals all over the world. It was awarded the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 Asian Arts Award for Best Comedy and was jury-selected for a full showcase at IPAY 2020.

About the Company

BRUSH Theatre, based in Seoul, South Korea, believes that everyone has an inner child who loves to bring art to life. Inspiring kids all over the world from different backgrounds through out-of-the-box performances, BRUSH Theatre showcases one-of-a-kind acts built for audiences of every age, race and culture.

Sign Interpretation:
Sign interpretation provided by Hands On

Audio Description:
Audio description provided by VocalEyes