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Erth's Prehistoric World: On Demand

Erth Visual & Physical Inc.
from Sydney, Australia

Streaming through June 30, 2022
Recommended Ages
For everyone 5 and up
Rent for $15
What Kind of Show?
Theater with puppetry; lively and transporting
50 minutes
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About the Show

Look out! Stay away from those razor sharp teeth! From the safety of your homes, get an up-close look at Erth’s Prehistoric World, presented by the Sydney Opera House. Travel to the bottom of the ocean to discover ancient bioluminescent creatures, then journey back to dry land to witness the gentle—and not so gentle—dinosaurs of Australia. Through a wild mix of life-like puppetry, you’ll meet Erth’s earliest life forms in this thrilling theatrical experience.

Get an up-close look at Earth’s earliest creatures through wild, life-like puppetry!

Recorded at Sydney Opera House
With thanks to the Sydney Opera House Trust.

Did You Know?

  1. Travel to the bottom of the ocean to discover ancient bioluminescent creatures and marine reptiles, then back to dry land to witness some of the most amazing dinosaurs to have ever walked on Earth.
  2. The show is hosted by one actor, Randa, while four puppeteers handle a variety of puppets, including rod and walkaround puppets.
  3. In addition to touring the world with their long-running shows Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo (New Victory 2013) and Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium, the company is collaborating with young people on a new show called ARC, exploring the preciousness of critically endangered animals facing extinction today.

About the Company

For over 30 years, Erth’s puppetry-based theatrical productions and innovative community projects have challenged and inspired audiences around the world. Driven by a special interest in natural history, First Nations stories, sociology and urban mythology, this Australian company is recognized internationally as an innovator of physical and visual theater, and as a creator of brave, unbridled work for young people.

Sign Interpretation:
Sign interpretation provided by Hands On

Audio Description:
Audio description provided by VocalEyes