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I Wish

A Unicorn Production in association with Le Gateau Chocolat
from London, England

May 11 – 19, 2024
Recommended Ages
For ages 4 – 7
All tickets $28*
Members save 40%
*Price includes service fees
What Kind of Show?
Theater with music; witty and vibrant
Running Time
50 minutes with no intermission
The New Victory Theater 209 W 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

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About the Show

If a wish granter can’t grant wishes, will it be a happily never after? Not this once-upon-a-time! Starring in I Wish, acclaimed theater artist and contemporary opera singer Le Gateau Chocolat crescendos to centerstage as the mysteriously magic-less Wish Giver. On a musical quest to recover their powers, they step into the shoes of beloved storybook characters, managing mystical messes and learning that, while life’s not always fair(ytales), love and acceptance can be more than fantasy.

Le Gateau Chocolat remains a powerfully positive force.

The Guardian

Things to Know

  1. Le Gateau Chocolat plays all the parts in I Wish, transforming into lots of different characters through a number of quick costume changes!
  2. French for “The Chocolate Cake,” Le Gateau Chocolat is the so-sweet stage name of six-and-a-half-foot-tall performer George Ikediashi.
  3. Growing up in Africa, Le Gateau Chocolat was obsessed with American divas like Whitney Houston—an inspiration he never shook. While attending law school in the UK, a chance visit to a cabaret show led to him singing there, and soon it was “Bye-bye, law!” and “Hello, show biz!”

The show on stage is just one act of your family’s visit! Come early and stay late for free lobby activities and kid-friendly amenities—part of the New Victory Experience.

About the Artists

Born in London and raised in Nigeria, Le Gateau Chocolat’s work spans cabaret, opera, musical theater and live art. His celebrated baritone has rung through prestigious venues around the world, from London’s Royal Albert Hall to the Sydney Opera House. He has created and performed many original shows, including Duckie, a lauded adaptation of “The Ugly Duckling” that introduces young people to ideas of otherness, tolerance and self-acceptance.

Transforming young lives through theater has been at the heart of Unicorn Theatre’s mission for nearly 75 years. Now the largest children’s theater in the UK, Unicorn began in 1949 as the touring Caryl Jenner Mobile Theatre, performing for kids in theatre-less towns across post-war England before changing names and settling down at London’s Arts Theatre in the 1960s. Unicorn opened a permanent home by London Bridge in 2005 and now welcomes 65,000 family and school audience members each year.