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Onyx Productions
from Brisbane, Australia

February 14 – 29, 2024
Recommended Grades
Grades 2 – 12
Students: $2
Chaperones: $5
What Kind of Show?
Showcase; raucous and athletic
Content Considerations
Loud music, haze and flashing lights
Running Time
70 minutes with no intermission
The New Victory Theater 209 W 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

School-time tickets may only be booked by Partner organizations.

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Week of July 15 – 21

Dec 31

Wed, 7pm

About the Show

Spinning circles around the competition, 360 ALLSTARS showcases a dream team of sensational champs in a supercharged physical performance celebrating street culture! The international hit is back at the New Victory to commemorate its 10th anniversary with world record-holding athletes and artists showing off their mad skills in freestyle basketball, BMX biking, breakdancing, acrobatics and more. Experience the thrill of extreme sports backed by a pulse-pumping, live-looped soundtrack, and featuring feats that will spike your adrenaline and have you rooting for overtime.

Dazzling, thrilling and exceptionally good fun

Kiddo Mag

Things to Know

  1. 360 ALLSTARS is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an 18-month world tour. The current cast hails from Australia, Belgium, Indonesia, New Zealand and the United States.
  2. Look around! The “360” part of the show’s name refers to a full circle rotation. Each of the acts feature a 360-degree spin at some point!
  3. The show’s music is created live with the help of a loop pedal—a digital device that is used to make recorded sounds endlessly repeat (aka looping) or lay over each other (aka overdubbing).

About the Artists

Australian musician Gene Peterson founded Onyx Productions in 2011 to produce his own work, and things took off two years later when he launched the megahit variety show 360 ALLSTARS, with Peterson himself providing live percussion. This show has since been seen by over a million people worldwide, including at the New Victory, where it was first presented a decade ago.


Photo: Matt Loncar
Photo: Darren Thomas
Photo: Darren Thomas
Photo: Darren Thomas

Creative Team

Gene Peterson

Set Designer
Gene Peterson

Projection/Animation Designer
Freddy Komp

Lighting Designers
Gene Peterson and Geoff Squires

Sound Designer
Gene Peterson

Collectively choreographed by the ensemble

Curriculum & Trip Planning