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Nuttin’ but a Word

Rennie Harris Puremovement American Street Dance Theater
from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

February 12 – 14, 2025
Recommended Grades
Grades 5 – 12
Students: $2
Chaperones: $5
What Kind of Show?
Dance; expert and electric
Running Time
70 minutes with no intermission
The New Victory Theater 209 W 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

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About the Show

Celebrated choreographer Rennie Harris returns to the New Victory for a record seventh time to lay down his three laws of hip-hop—individuality, creativity, innovation. Here to expose the essence of their art form with unmatched subtlety and surprise, the indefatigably disciplined dancers of Puremovement (Funkedified, 2018) command the stage with a mixtape of moves from b-boying to Campbell locking to house. Every step tells a story in sync with the rhythm, honoring hip-hop’s roots while raising the bar to new heights. You can try to shout ’em down, but you ain’t said Nuttin’ but a Word.

A moving, engaging performance

Bristol Parent

Things to Know

  1. With his two dance companies, Puremovement and RHAW, Rennie Harris has been presented at the New Victory seven times—more than any other artist! To commemorate his contributions to our mission, we recently honored him with the 2024 New Victory Arts Award.
  2. “You ain’t said nothing but a word” is a comeback used to dismiss critique. It means, “Pay attention, because what I do next will upstage anything you have to say.”
  3. An ambassador for the art of hip-hop and street dance, Rennie Harris participated in former President Obama’s cultural exchange program, DanceMotion USA, to share his expertise with artists in Egypt, Israel and Palestine.

About the Artists

Founded on Dr. Rennie Harris’s belief that hip-hop can express universal themes beyond racial, religious and economic boundaries, Rennie Harris Puremovement American Street Dance Theater aims to inspire future generations to preserve street dance culture and share it with their communities. Their style merges traditional African dance with contemporary styles and marries hip-hop culture with street dance.


Photo: Cherylynn Tsushima
Photo: Courtesy of Rennie Harris Puremovement American Street Dance Theater
Photo: Jamie Kraus

Creative Team

Company Executive Director
Rodney Hill

Director, Choreographer & Costume Designer
Rennie Harris

Lighting Designer & Production Stage Manager
Julie Ballard

Sound Designer
Darrin Ross


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