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Cirque Mechanics
from Las Vegas, Nevada

March 24 – April 16, 2023
Recommended Ages
For everyone 5 and up
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What Kind of Show?
Circus; peppy and daring
Running Time
95 minutes including one intermission
The New Victory Theater 209 W 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

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About the Show

Throwing all caution to the wind, the adrenaline-driven daredevils of Cirque Mechanics (42FT, 2019) are back with an all-new mechanical masterpiece: a 20-foot-tall windmill powered by sheer strength! Set on a rotating turntable, there’s practically nothing in Zephyr  that won’t spin—including your head—as acrobats brazenly balance atop the windmill’s blades and fearlessly face the Wheel of Destiny. A turbine tug of war between man, nature and machine, Zephyr is a whirlwind of circus that’ll blow you away.

High-flying, free-wheeling fun

Omaha World-Herald

The show on stage is just one act of your family’s visit! Come early and stay after for free pre- & post-show activities and kid-friendly amenities—part of the New Victory Experience.

Did You Know?

  1. Windmills may be powerful, but a zephyr is a gentle breeze! The word comes from the name of the Greek god


    , who ruled the west wind and heralded spring.

  2. Cirque Mechanics has visited the New Victory four times before—Birdhouse Factory in 2008, Boom Town in 2011, Pedal Punk in 2015 and 42FT in 2019—and Zephyr includes several new acts for them, including foot juggling and group bicycle!
  3. In case you need more spinning, Zephyr‘s 20-foot-tall windmill will be mounted on a giant turntable, enabling the performers to change the scenery in real time.

About the Company

Cirque Mechanics builds innovative spectacles with an unmistakably Vegas sense of playfulness and grandeur. For every new show, founder and Cirque du Soleil veteran Chris Lashua starts by sketching an elaborate machine—a boiler-trolley, a trampoline-cart, a pedal-driven gantry—that will serve as the onstage centerpiece. Around this mechanical marvel, the ensemble of aerialists, jugglers and gymnasts builds a theatrical circus experience that showcases the relationship between humankind and the machines we create.

Creative Team

Director, Founder, Machine Designer, Fabricator, Problem Solver
Chris Lashua

Co-Founder, Marketing Director
Aida Lashua

Co-Director, Choreographer
Aloysia Gavre

Co-Director, Set Designer, Rigging Designer
Sean Riley

Co-Director, Dramaturge
Steven Ragatz

Michael Picton

Costume Designer
Costume Designer

Lighting Designers
Joe D’Emilio & Leo Hidalgo 

Story Concept
Zion Lashua 

Lighting Director
Leo Hidalgo 

General Stage Manager, Creative Team Liaison, Director of Production
Janeen Johnson

Touring Production Stage Manager
Rachel A. Lantow

Merchandise Manager, Driver, Crew
Todd Mclain 

Production Assistant
Brendan Mullenix


Chris Lashua in front of the Wheel of Destiny inside the Cirque Mechanics workshop.
Meet Chris Lashua, founder of Cirque Mechanics, and step inside their workshop for a look at the mechanical marvels in Zephyr.
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A boy plays with a hula hoop inside a dance studio, with others play behind him.

Family Workshop: Circus Tricks

Learn circus basics and develop your own act!

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Young girl in pink striped shirt holds a red juggling scarf above her head.

Family Workshop: Juggling

Learn basic juggling skills and amaze your friends and family.

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