New Victory Arts Break: Four Go Wild in Wellies

In Four Go Wild in Wellies from Indepen-dance, the seasons inspire movement and friendship! In the Arts Break activities below, we’ll use our many senses to explore the seasons and celebrate our friends. Let’s get into our wellies and go wild!

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Colorful arrows surround an illustration of the words "New Victory Arts Break," alongside a photo of four actors outdoors in red, orange and yellow raincoats and rainboots. Below them sits an illustration of the title "Four Go Wild in Wellies," with illustrated rainboots and falling leaves around it.

Some of the videos in these Arts Break activities were filmed at the New Victory Theater. We acknowledge that New Victory resides on the seized homeland of the Lenape people and the intertribal territory of many First Nations. We celebrate and pay deep respect to all Indigenous peoples, past, present and future, and we encourage you to learn more about these vibrant communities.

Before the Show: Seasonal Sensory Joy

Do you or your kid have a favorite season? What sights, sounds or smells do you associate with that time of year? Let’s get creative with those sensory experiences as New Victory Teaching Artist Emily Bruner and Arty from the New 42 Youth Corps guide us through a poetry and movement activity inspired by the sensory joy of spring, summer, fall and winter.

Materials: Poem worksheet (spring, summer, fall, winter) or blank paper, something to write with

Step One: Decide which season you and your kid like the most!

Step Two: Choose three senses that you would both like to focus on.

Icons for the eight senses: sight, smell, taste, balance, hearing, touch, interoception and movement.

Step Three: For the three senses you chose, you should each think of something you experience during your favorite season. For sight in fall, Emily and Arty came up with “I see red and yellow,” and “I see pumpkins.” Write down both of your answers. You can use one of our poem worksheets (spring, summer, fall, winter) as a guide!

Step Four: Read what you’ve written out loud. This is your poem!

Step Five: Come up with a movement for each line in your poem. Then work together to turn the movements into a handshake, just like Emily and Arty!


Perform your handshake without words for friends and family. Can they guess the season?

On the Way: Find the Wellies

Did you know that “wellies” is the word for rainboots in Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom? In this next activity, as you make your way to the New Victory Theater, search for stray wellies in a game of Find the Wellies! Take a look at the images below. Can you spot any wellies where they don’t belong?

A line drawing of a classroom. A welly is hidden under the teacher's desk.A classroom
A line drawing of a playground. A welly is hiding under the slide.A playground
A line drawing of a campsite. A welly is hiding high up in a tree!A campsite
A line drawing of a library. A welly is hiding on a high bookshelf.A library
A line drawing of Times Square. One of the billboards features a welly!Times Square

That was some wonderful welly detective work! Now you’re ready for some real-life wellies on stage. Enjoy the show!

After the Show: Best Friend Day

While watching Four Go Wild in Wellies, what did you notice about the characters? Were they friends? What did they do together? In this next activity, plan a perfect day with a favorite person—a best friend!

Materials: Best friend worksheet or blank paper, crayons, pencils, markers

Step One: Think about what makes a perfect day and work together to fill in the blanks.

Today is a great day because I’m spending it with my best friend, (name). It’s (type of weather) outside today, so I will wear my favorite (article of clothing) and my (color) shoes. We are going to (place)! I love it there because it is (adjective). I’m going to bring my favorite snack, (snack), in case we get hungry. I’m so excited!

Step Two: Illustrate your perfect day inspired by your answers above. You can use our worksheet or just a blank sheet of paper.

Best Friend Day illustration example, of two friends enjoying the beach on a sunny day, eating sandwiches and ice cream, building sandcastles and playing cards.

Step Three: Share your plans for a perfect day with some of your favorite people!

And Beyond: Seasons of Love

We hope you enjoyed exploring the seasons and celebrating friendship with us, and there’s more fun to be had! Extend your sensory joy with activities for each of the eight sensory systems from the occupational therapists at Harkla.

And no matter the weather outside, you can celebrate winter indoors with The Purposeful Nest’s tutorial for making your own fake snow, or explore all the seasons at once with New Victory Teaching Artist Rebecca Gerrard:

New Victory Teaching Artist Rebecca Gerrard
Guess the weather! Gather different costume items for all types of weather and join Rebecca for a dress-up game.

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