Air Playtime

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, New Victory is bringing back the globetrotting Acrobuffos for a virtual showing of our sold-out spectacle Air Play (New Victory 2018). Co-creators and performers Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone elicit gales of laughter as they animate airflow and goad gravity to make really, really, really high art out of the very thing we breathe.

Air Play makes its virtual New Victory premiere on Friday, December 11 at 7pm EST, accompanied by a special live chat with the creators, and will remain available to view through Sunday, December 13 at 7pm EST.

We’re also thrilled to welcome back our beloved Air Dancers, Ron and Yvonne, whose rhythmic air-moves delighted audiences in the New Victory lobby before performances of Air Play two years ago. Rescued from the vaults of VHS infamy, we present Ron and Yvonne’s entirely authentic and not-at-all doctored 1989 home video dance-along, Airobics! Can you air-dance like the pros?

Mini Air Cannon

It is time for some home activities and the art of Air Play. Create your own mini air cannon in a few simple steps.

Materials: Paper cup, balloon, scissors, rubber band, marker

Air Play Materials

Air Play Materials Balloons

Step One: Draw a dime-sized circle on the bottom of your cup.

Air Play Materials Blue Circle

Step Two: Cut out the circle.

Air Play Materials Cup

Step Three: Cut off the neck of your balloon.

Air Play Materials Balloon

Step Four: Place the balloon over the open side of the cup and secure it with a rubber band.

Step Five: Test it out! Pull back and release the balloon to create a puff of air. Try blowing a variety of light household objects around, like a feather or some toilet paper!

Air Play Cup Video

Once you’re done crafting this hand-held air machine, see what you can blow around the house!

BONUS: What is the heaviest object your mini air cannon can move?

We hope you enjoy these air-y activities and invite family and friends to share in the fun. Don’t forget to check out the virtual New Victory premiere of Air Play, available this weekend to watch from the comfort of your own home.