Five Easy Arts Activities for Busy Kids and Grown-ups

Arts Activities

What a time to be at home with kids! With all of the Zoom conference calls and virtual classrooms, we know caregivers are looking for easy, tactile and movement-based activities. Here are five hands-on picks from this spring’s New Victory Arts Break. The best part? All of these activities require little-to-no setup or cleanup from you. Let’s dive in!

How to Juggle

All you need is… 3 pairs of socks

With this juggling activity, New Victory Teaching Artist Billy Schultz will keep your kids entertained for hours with the basics, and a few more next-level skills like one-handed juggling and under-leg throws.

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Practice Ridiculous Magic

All you need is… Imagination

Help your kids transform their end-of-summer sorrows into the silliest magic tricks you’ve ever seen! In this activity, New Victory Teaching Artist Sarah Petersiel will teach them to break all the rules and combine magic with clowning for some riotous, ridiculous magic.

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Craft Creative Characters

All you need is… Pen(cil) and paper

In this activity, the play’s the thing! Your kids’ imaginations will come alive as New Victory Teaching Artist Ugo Anyanwu helps them practice their character-writing skills by interviewing household objects to create characters for a play of their very own!

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Make a Puppet

All you need is… Markers, paper, tape, scissor and household object(s)

It’s time to get crafty! In this activity, New Victory Teaching Artist Renata Townsend will show your kids how to use the puppetry principles of breath, focus and some strategically placed eyes to turn anything into a found object puppet.

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Basic Samba Footwork

All you need is… Energy!

The basic samba step (samba no pé) is as easy as 1-2-3! In this activity, New Victory Teaching Artist Melle Phillips will help your kids put their best foot forward with beginner samba footwork.

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