Know Before You Go: New Victory Amenities

Welcome to Know Before You Go—a blog series to help prepare you and your family for your next big adventure at the New Victory Theater. In this installment, we’re talking about the amenities we offer to make your visit to the New Victory Theater a memorable and stress-free family outing.

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Yes, you read that right: we’re back at the New Victory! Following the completion of the restoration of our historic dome, we’re excited to welcome you back to the theater.

Here are six things to know about the amenities you can take advantage of to enhance your New Victory experience.

  1. Do you sell concessions?

I couldn’t believe how affordable and healthy the snack bar was. —Nitasha A.

We do! Before and after every show, we sell affordable, kid-friendly snacks and beverages at our café in the Jack and Lew Rudin Lobby. From sweet treats to crunchy crackers, there are many options for you and your family to choose from! All snacks are nut-free, but may be manufactured on equipment that processes nuts. We ask that you please refrain from eating in the theater.

The New Victory cafe, pictured with 4 tan tables that each have 4 turquoise stools surrounding the tables.

  2. Is there space for us to hang out before the show?

The crafts before the show were really enjoyable and helped tie the story together for the kids. —Pia P.

Yes! Our lower lobby opens 45 minutes prior to the show for activities led by New Victory Teaching Artists. These activities, such as crafts and interactive games, are developed to complement what’s on stage and enrich your theatergoing experience. Read more about them in Know Before You Go: Lobby Activities.

The New Victory Lower Lobby full of parents and children participating in pre-show lobby activities.

  3. What are your restrooms like?

It was wonderful to be in such a beautiful theater with clean bathrooms. —Tamara R.

Our restrooms are gender-inclusive. Please use the restroom that works best for you and your family. Both sets of restrooms have changing tables.

The New Victory bathrooms

  4. Where can we store our things during the show?

The lockers are such a welcome option for families. —Christopher W.

Along the wall to either side of the restrooms are free lockers your family can use to store your stuff. Choose a locker and drop off your things, then hold onto the corresponding key to lock and unlock your locker at any point before, during and after the show. When you leave, be sure to return the key to the lock on your locker.

A parent and their child storing their bags in a locker.

  5. Where can my family go if we need noise-cancelling headphones or fidget toys?

Easy accessibility of sensory devices was especially helpful! —Carly M.

Visit our new Accessibility Table, which sits underneath the stairs and across from the bathrooms and lockers. There, you can choose a fidget toy and earplugs or turn in a government-issued ID to borrow ear defenders or light sensitivity sunglasses. The table also stores bariatric and standard wheelchairs, which are available to borrow during your visit to make navigating the theater more convenient

Two side-by-side images of colorful fidget toys. On the left are fabric pom poms and on the right are rainbow silicon bubble push poppers.

Two options of fidget toys that are available at the Accessibility Table.

  6. Where can we go if we need a break from the show?

My kids loved the cozy corner with books. —Alvin H.

If your family needs a break during the show, feel free to step out and visit our Cozy Zone downstairs near the lockers. With comfy seating and a library of books, it’s the perfect place to take a pause. There is also a live video feed available in the lower lobby nearby, so you won’t miss a single moment of the performance.

Comfy pillows and stool surrounding a white fluffy rug and a small bookshelf of books

Now that you know about all the amenities we offer at the New Victory, we hope to see you at the theater soon!

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